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The Virtuous Circle

Sunday, October 22, 2023

We participated in a couple of special fundraising events this past week. Our partners at Bless Back Worldwide have stood with us through thick and thin. What a privilege for Lex to join them in Charlotte yesterday to share with their donors the wonderful ways the LORD has been utilizing their generosity in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Clifton Lutheran Church has put on some pretty amazing events for eight years in a row. This week was the final of this year's trio, and we joined it virtually. We thoroughly enjoy it when Pastor James interviews us, and we get to share off the cuff. One of the questions was concerning what happens to our students after high school.

Nationally, less than 1% of high school graduates in Haiti go on to further their education. At MOHI it's upwards of 75%! Many of those 75% have then returned to fill teaching and administrative positions at MOHI. Pastor James referred to this as the "Virtuous Circle" - an alternative to the vicious cycle that has ruled many of their families for generations.

Wow! You never know how the LORD will use a simple choice or a small step to bring about a major change. Pastor Lex was ten years old and had never been to school. A woman from Michigan became his sponsor, sending a little money each month to the new mission near his house so that he could attend school. Such a simple and small act of faith was like a pebble thrown in a pond. Almost half a century later, the ripples are still moving and impacting lives exponentially.

For some, like the little ones pictured below, the ripple impacts them right after birth. The Baby Feeding Program prepares the children nutritionally for normal development. Bye-bye malnourishment!

For others, the ripple impacts in their first experience with formal education in preschool.

The ripples continue throughout their school years...

And beyond!

A hot school lunch keeps young brains fueled.

Speaking of nutrition, we have found peanut butter to be a yummy, simple way of introducing more protein into the children's diets. And for many of us in the States, it's a way to do something hands-on to help. Please join us in collecting peanut butter to send to Haiti. Reach out to me today at . Thank you.

The ripples continue. The sky's the limit!

We all know that adversity comes with living in this world. Physical discomfort and illnesses may be commonplace, but medical help is not always so near. Thankfully for MOHI's students and neighbors, it is very close. God provides! (God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Ps. 46:1)

One little pebble tossed into a pond can propel the ripples to land on every shoreline around the water. I encourage you to make a lasting impact, as a woman from Michigan did in Pastor Lex's life 48 years ago. Begin a virtuous circle by sponsoring a child in Haiti today. We won't bring you to Haiti today (due to the insecurity), but these children are still there, and God will still use your generosity to keep those ripples moving to impact their lives.

Our daughter Alexis has spent much of her life guiding people to help the children of Haiti. Please reach out to her ( to start sponsoring a child in Haiti.

Our friends in La Grua still need our help. Please consider donating toward erecting a roof on the new shelter. Click on the picture of the shelter to go to our donation page. Thank you.


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