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We Just Have to Care

Our schools are back at it! How wonderful to see children enjoy learning, playing, eating, and "stylin'!"

It thrills me to see the students take advantage of the library!


We continue with a busy season in the medical clinic. People often ask me how the COVID situation is in Haiti. With no reliable COVID numbers, I can't officially tell you, but we have seen a lot of typical symptoms in the clinic.

Kervensky's mom died in childbirth. His aunt, Micherlange, now cares for him. He had a fever, diarrhea, wasn't eating, and became so weak he couldn't control his body.

Thankfully Micherlange listened to her neighbors and brought him to the clinic where we were able to intervene. She especially appreciated the clinic staff, mentioning how they really listened to her and understood. Just another one of the many stories that we encounter every day - each one so important to the heart of God.


MOHI and Bless Back Worldwide's medical services are expanding and we couldn't be more excited! We are expecting the Mission E4 clinic in Cassange, Leogane to be up and running in the next week or two. Their nurses and new doctor worked at the Thozin, Grand-Goave clinic this past week as they were being trained on the protocols and the electronic medical records system.

Supplies for Leogane and the school clinic in Port-au-Prince have been arriving from Bless Back Worldwide and Blessings International. We are eager to set the school clinic up for the students and staff in the Christian Light School.


Earthquake relief efforts continue in the Camp Perrin area, even while we have begun recovery efforts. We have been serving the area with food and clothing distributions, along with medical clinics.


Every person who comes to a mobile clinic has a story to tell. Each one is not only hurting physically but has been scarred emotionally by the earthquake. These clinics are providing a safe place for them to tell their stories and feel like they are really being heard.

This young man wanted to share his story with those who are supporting MOHI's efforts to provide these clinics - YOU. He explained that his wife and their one child were in the house when the earth started to shake violently. He was out in the yard and ran to the house to get them.

A section of the house had already fallen. When he looked he saw his wife's hand, but the rest of her body was under the house. His daughter's foot was under the concrete near his wife. He tried so hard to quickly get his wife out, but he was not able to save her. His daughter's heel was badly injured, but her life was spared. He said, "I will never forget that day. It will remain a scar on my life."

He brought his daughter to MOHI's mobile clinic this week to have the wound attended to. She was treated. He shared his story. He was listened to. He was comforted. He left a little lighter emotionally and with supplies for him and his beautiful little girl.

He thanks you. Pastor Lex and I thank you. You are an integral part of MOHI. By working together, we can touch lives - one story after another after another. We're so much better together!


Thank you to Amelia Plantation Chapel for funding the first water cistern! This cistern holds 4500 gallons of water and is built where everyone in the community can access it.

Would your church or business be interested in funding another cistern in another mountain village that has been totally cut off from access to water? Please contact us at The cost to build this one was $6840.

Work on the next cistern has begun but needs funding to be completed. Will you help? Click here to donate today.


These little ones in the Ravine near CLS are enjoying their weekday meals. The vitamins may not be quite as popular, but we know they are helping these babies to grow strong.


We built a play area with a roof so the preschoolers can enjoy the equipment without it being unbearably heated by the sun.


World-Wide Lighthouse Missions from Manchester, CT has been sending supplies to MOHI in Haiti quarterly for many years. They collect items and then have a "barrel packing" event with the Full Gospel Interdenominational Church. People from tiny toddlers to very elderly come together to have a hand in providing for the poor. These barrels carry a wide variety of items like school supplies, peanut butter, wound care supplies, clothing, shoes, hand and power tools, and toiletries. This constant supply means that we almost always have items available to share when someone has a need. We are so grateful for the partnership and generosity of these ministries!!!


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