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SoulFest is happening this week!!! Stop by the MOHI tent and have a chat with us. For those of you who have visited us in Haiti, you'll be happy to see Pastor Hakine is joining us from Haiti, along with some of our Florida friends (Angie Shepherd, Peter & Esther Plastridge)! Alain & Alexis Michel will be there along with their 4 month old son, as well as Lex & Renee Edme. We'll be there for the entire festival, but we also have some other great folks presenting in the MOHI tent. Check out the schedule below and try to join us when you can! Pastor Hakine will be here in New England for most of August. If you would like to set up a visit with him, or have him come speak to your church, y

The Widow's Mite

I didn’t have any money to put in the offering this morning. I was having this big conversation with the Lord about it when I looked up just in time to see a little elderly woman return to her seat. She had just given in the offering. I didn’t see what she gave, but I know this woman. I knew that whatever she gave she had needed for herself. I immediately thought of all the times I’d ready the story of the widow woman who gave out of her need. I’ve read it, studied it, listened to sermons about it, but in that moment, I saw it as I had never seen it before. The widow woman before me was no stranger. She’d been coming to our church for many years. She was not some imaginary character f

Haiti in the News

I usually stick pretty close to home when I'm in Haiti. Grand-Goave is my happy place. This morning, I joined my husband in St. Etienne for church. Its such a beautiful area and I hadn't been is so long. I was thrilled that he'd asked me to go. Pastor Hakine always makes us feel so welcome - as do the folks in the church. Lex shared a message of encouragement and freedom with them. Did you see Haiti in the news again last week? I feel sad that you only hear about us during difficult times (earthquakes, mudslides, hurricanes, political upheaval...). Ahhhh, but you read this blog so you're bound to hear some of the good times, too! (Happy again!) Yes, there's no denying, last week was


Teacher Seminar Let's start out with the good/great reports from this week. The teachers from Charlotte Christian School who arrived with Bless Back Worldwide a week ago Saturday put on the most incredible seminar for our teachers. They were amazing. Our teachers were like sponges, soaking up all they could from their new friends. From problem solving in the classroom to techniques for teaching children with differing capacities within the same grade level - the learning was fun and energetic for everyone. The team worked with MOHI teachers at the missionary compound for 3 days before moving up to the school for a day of hands on experience. The teachers split into groups with groups of


Covenant Day School About 2 dozen students from MOHI and the Covenant Day School (Matthews, NC) had an absolute BLAST this week! The CDS students traveled down with some of their teachers to work on an aquaponics project on the extended Thozin campus. Students from both schools joined together in construction, instruction, and enjoyment! Both Haitian and American teachers gave instruction in a classroom setting. Students did masonry work under the instruction of a Haitian mason (and Pastor Lex, of course). Nothing quite like fresh, young coconut, picked fresh from the tree! Right Sadie?!!! Stephanie was a chaperone for the team. She also worked in the medical clinic, assisting Dr. Serg

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