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ChikV and Beyond

Graduation Rehearsal

The battle with the Chikungunya virus continues. Here’s a brief update. Everyday we see school children limp home from school, as the virus strikes while during the day. Leah has had her hands full, as I’m sure all the other medical people in the country have, as well. We are running low on Tylenol. Unfortunately, what little there is in the country is selling for a premium. Pastor Kevin is recovering from his bout with it last week. Alexis and Pastor Lex are going through it right now.

Medical Clinic in Thozin

Renord’s wife made him soup to help him stay strong while battling with the Chikungunya virus.

One of the ways that we deal with the emotional stress of difficulties here in Haiti, is to joke and laugh about it. It’s a cultural difference, for sure. Sometimes foreigners can find it a bit offensive, but I really do think it’s better than joining a pity party with the affected party. So, in good Haitian style, Lex has been teasing people for weeks. He came down with the virus himself last night and wasn’t at church this morning. The text messages started coming and he finally made his way up to the Thozin campus this afternoon. He is of the mindset that the more he lays in bed, the more his body will hurt. He was going to go up this morning, but by the time his ride got here, he was tired and his fever was escalating once again. He’s up there now and I KNOW that everyone is enjoying teasing him.

“Raise your hands and praise the Lord, Mme. Clement.” Nope – the arms don’t go up well with the Chikungunya virus.

We were glad to have a couple of groups visit us this week. Be Like Brit came down the mountain to help feed our preschoolers and spend a little time with them in the classroom.

A team from Be Like Brit stopped by this week.

Our friends from Chile came by, too. A few of them met with our school director to ask questions and look at our curriculum. We were also able to help them get their vehicle fixed. Now, that may not seem like much, but we spent 10 months of our first year in Haiti with our one vehicle in the garage in Port-au-Prince. It’s always a big deal when you can actually get a vehicle fixed AND in a quick time frame.

Our missionary friends from Chile

Pastor Kevin managed to get a lot of work started before the virus attacked him. He designed the cubicles for the computer lab and instructed our carpenter how to build them. He also met with some of our leaders about starting the International School of Ministry at our St. Etienne campus.

Preparing the computer lab

International School of Ministry planning meeting

Graduations are happening this week at MOHI. It was fun watching the kids (and staff!) rehearsing.

We have the best preschool teachers…and they seem to enjoy their work, too!

Graduation Rehearsal

We had the opportunity to visit one of the lovelier places in Haiti this week. What do you think?!!!

Mulin sur Mer – one of the nicer places we’ve been in Haiti. (FYI… the turtle is real!)

Please remember us in prayer as we seek to move forward with purchasing this land. And if you’d like to be a part of making this happen, please contact us. Thank you!

(Left) MOHI campus in Thozin, Grand-Goâve

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