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Come See Us

There is excitement in the air with the anticipation of the new school year beginning this week. Planning meetings with our teaching staff are complete. Parent meetings have happened. Supplies are in place. We now await the students and the first bell.

Alicia with some new friends from the neighborhood - it's a beautiful day for a neighbor!

Alicia starts MOHI Educational Cooperative classes tomorrow with the missionary kids. We are excited to also have a new Haitian/American family from Grand-Goave joining us. The families all met together last night with Lex and Alicia. What a blessing to see Angie and Alicia helping each other, despite “job descriptions.” Angie took the kids upstairs so the parents could meet without distraction. She’s also liberal with her input as this ministry to the children takes form. Thank you, Angie!!!

Lex and Lily Sutton (6 months)

Lex will be joining me in MA this week. Yayyyyyyy! We look forward to seeing many of you! We'll be in New England for a week and a half, so if you want to see us, contact me so we can set up a time. Here are some important dates for our friends in Massachusetts, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida:

Akron, OH area: September 17 3:00 – 6:00 PM at the YMCA, 500 W Hopocan Ave, Barberton, OH (Meet & Greet)

Akron, OH: September 18 10:40 AM in the dining room at The Chapel, 135 Fir Hill, Akron, OH

Massachusetts: September 24 1;00 – 5:00 PM 141 Bragg Hill Rd, Westminster, MA (Meet & Greet)

Charlotte, NC: October 8 Bless Back Worldwide’s annual Gala (details will be forth coming)

Jacksonville, FL: October 23 10:00 AM at Cornerstone Church, 4549 St Augustine Rd # 2, Jacksonville, FL

Please come out and join us at these events! We'd love to get to know you better and are happy to answer any questions you may have for us.

How about an extra special Christmas this year? Join us in Haiti!!! AJay Edmé will be leading a team to Haiti on December 26th for one week. There are still some slots open for you to join us. Contact us today to get the ball rolling!

Please remember to collect peanut butter for Haiti!!!

In Central MA, fire departments in East Brookfield, Douglas, and Ashburnham are competing for a trophy, so you can drop your peanut butter off there to help them win, too! In Belmont, jars of peanut butter may be dropped off at the All Saints Episcopal Church. Our friends at World-Wide Lighthouse Missions, Inc. will be packaging the peanut butter and bringing it to the shipper for us, so you can send it directly to their warehouse at WWLM, 723 Main Street, Manchester, CT 06040. If you are able, please include a few dollars to help get the peanut butter to Haiti. This is another great way to promote good health and save lives among the most vulnerable children. Thank you!

Angie, Dr. Emmanuel and the clinic staff had some familiar patients this week. Many of you know Boss Pepe, who has worked on all of our construction projects at the mission. He had to be treated for hypertension this week. I'm so thankful the help he needed was available and pray that his blood pressure will remain well regulated now.

Our longtime friend, David Sparks recently passed into eternity. David's wife, Patty, has been among my best friends over the years and was very involved in this mission from day one. What a blessing it was for me to be able to be a part of David's memorial service. I've known David for about 33 years and we shared so many friends. There was an open mic time in the service and it was so neat to hear the same theme about his life - he was real (no fake), loving, compassionate, generous, and kind. He loved his family, his dog, his motorcycle, but he loved Jesus most of all and we all knew it. It was a very special evening for all of us. Many prayers have gone up for his sweet wife, Patty, and those will continue.

Haiti experienced some interesting weather this past week, but (thankfully) nothing dangerous. I really liked this picture Alicia took from in front of the missionary compound.

We are praying for you this week, trusting the Lord has angels set about you and that He is clearly guiding you throughout each day. Thank you so much for being a part of Mission of Hope International!

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