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The Next Generation of G3

CLA Sweetness

Early in the week, we said "Bon Voyage!" to our dear friends who joined us for the Christian Leadership Academy. Returning ministers, Dan Lee, Eleanor Kalinsky, Rex Holt, and Nick Acker once again were such a blessing to me personally. We had deep, meaningful conversations full of encouragement and iron sharpening iron. We also had some great times of laughter and fun. I'm so grateful for the wonderful friendships that have been formed among us. I'm grateful too, for our first time visitors (Jerry, Jeff,

Donna, and Lee). Each added something special to our time and I pray the Lord will bring each one back to us again.

Team G3

It's been a great week with team G3 from central Massachusetts. The team consists of staff, students, and alumni from Quinsigamond Community College. Our son, AJay actually joined the team this year as a student. He was hands on, working hard along with the other team members, while still translating and doing a lot of the "hosting" he's done in years past.

Dr. Emmanuel joined in running clinics with the team which included professionals and students in respiratory therapy, nursing, paramedics and emergency medical technicians.

Today they joined us for church in Thozin, enjoyed a swim and lunch and then headed out to visit with our L14 ministry friends with disabilities. Tonight Cheryl "Chel" Finn, the team leader, is sharing with the church.

Every evening I've had the pleasure of hearing Chel carry on about her team. They've worked really hard, they have worked together like a hand in a glove (all on the same page), they've endured and pushed through when they were tired, and they've been professional and caring. This is the first year that there have not been people my age and older on the team (mid-50s and up) other than Chel. It's like the next generation is kicking it up - rising to the challenge - answering the call. Thank you, Team G3, for giving your all! I hope to see you all back next winter!!!

The Gathering Place

What an amazing time we've been having the past couple of weeks in the Gathering Place. There's so much more space for worship services and people have been coming to use it. Did you catch the Facebook Live video this morning? If not, click on the link to check it out.

We've also been thrilled to see our fellow missionaries and expats in the area stepping in to offer their expertise. Will McGinnis and Andrew Sutton (Hands and Feet Project) have been working out plans with Lex for lighting and sound.

Len Gengel (Be Like Brit) designed the stairs to the sound room. He knows that stairs have always been a difficult point in construction here. We're so grateful for his help. Our guys set to work the next day and here's how they came out...

Even though we're already meeting in the building, there is a long way to go to complete it and we still need to pay for some of the materials we've used. Please consider being a part of this special place with a generous donation. Thank you!!!


This morning after the service, we were so blessed to watch a few boys helping Joseph to pick up and stack the extra chairs. Teaching children to serve is one of the best ways to invest in their future.

Bless Back Arrives

We're thrilled to have a team from Bless Back Worldwide join us today from Charlotte, NC. Melissa and Lisa will be leading this team in a wide variety of activities, including: medical clinics, dental clinics, ESL, activities for children, a men's health day, a health day at our St Etienne campus, and cosmetology. (I may have left off some things, too!) If you think of us this week, please pray for the lives being impacted by this team, as well as for the well-being and wisdom of the team members. Thank you!

Thank you all for your support! Together, we are making a difference in so many lives!

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