Haiti Summer

Happy Sunday!

The "mature" women at the church in Thozin like to sit together in church and often sing together as a group. They work together to prepare for guests staying at conferences, they clean and decorate the church, and cook for events. They also set money aside to help pay for church events. All this and more, while raising children and caring for husbands and homes. They're pretty amazing folks. I LOVE these women!!!!

I love our worship team, too!!!

Edon Carries pastors the Thozin church. He lives behind the church and everyone knows where to find him. He is so appreciated - especially when a church member is going through a difficulty.

Planning and preparations for the new school year are well under way now. Our school administration, Pastor Lex, and Jephte are in constant contact and some positive changes are on the horizon.

While staff members are busy, students are enjoying some fun this summer. Here some girls play a popular game with stones. It's called "zo" (bone).

These boys are enjoying a homemade wheelchair in disrepair.

I hope that you are enjoying your summer, as well. May the Lord's blessings be upon you!

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Grande Goave, Ouest, Haiti



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