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Attitude of Gratitude

Hello Friends!

Just about every day this week I have been reminded of the importance of gratitude in our lives. In the natural, it's important to let others know how much we appreciate them. It encourages people to continue doing good. Right? I look at this picture of the men at the church in MOHI scrubbing the floors and the benches and I am filled with gratitude. I do appreciate them so much for their hard work.

I am also grateful to the Lord for the growth He has brought about in these men. The humility they are exhibiting and the care they demonstrate for their church just thrills me!

I so appreciate that Jesus brought the Sutton family to Haiti to work with the Hands and Feet Project AND to be an active part of our church in Thozin, too! Among many other things, Andrew has worked so diligently with our staff to correct electrical issues on the Thozin campus and to improve the production ministry in the church.

Angie has invested her time and energy in the music ministry, working with our worship team, as well as translating songs we love in English into Kreyol. They've both been working toward improving the atmosphere in the Gathering Place with lights and props. I am looking forward to seeing the fruit of their labors. Not only will we all appreciate the improved aesthetics, but I believe more people will be drawn to come "check things out" at MOHI.

Earlier this week, Andrew was involved in a serious car crash. The fact that he was able to walk away from this accident was a testimony of God preserving his life. Obviously Andrew's earthly ministry is still in the plan of God! Again, I am so grateful to God!!!

I love listening to my daughter, Alexis, talk about how eager she was to go to church as a child. Children's ministry was a critical part of her faith foundation. I am so grateful to God for keeping her. I fully expect Him to be faithful to the hundreds of children who receive ministry from the MOHI churches each week. The faithfulness of the teachers who prepare, present, manage, and sacrifice for these kids is so Christlike!

I'm grateful for the staff of strong (in Christ) leaders who are being an example to these young ones, as well as all those they come in contact with. Isn't it our responsibility to reflect the Light of God to all those we meet? We can't do that in our own strength. The light in us does not originate with us, but with Christ.

I am grateful, too, for the love of learning I see in our students and teachers! There are no limits to how the Lord can use them!

I'm grateful for the medical professionals, supporters, and organizations that have come along side us to bring medical and dental care to our communities. What a wonderful way to physically show the love of God to people - supporting them in times of real need. Divine love is shared with them physically - knowledge is imparted - prayers are offered and answered.

I'm grateful for the blessing of the Lord on the farmers who grow crops and raise animals that feed our community. Do you see those watermelons??? Wow!!! What we call the "Little Merchants" purchase wares in Port-au-Prince (like the sandals in the picture below) and resell them in the local markets.

I'm grateful for volunteers who come to Haiti to provide immediate aid and long term training for our students and neighbors in Grand-Goave. Where would MOHI be without them???

Today we had the privilege of meeting up with a group of Team G3 friends at Pastor Carlos and Rita Pereira's home (after enjoying a beautiful time of worship at the Evangelical Church of Fall River, MA). We are so encouraged by those who visit, catch the vision and just need to come back again and again.

Gratitude. It's at the heart of Christianity. I believe the more I recognize the work of God in my own life, the wider the door of faith opens to me. As we recite back to the Lord His mighty works in our own lives, can we help but believe that His nature is GOOD?

Lord, help me to keep Your praises on my lips. When those thoughts come telling me to complain, judge, condemn, demand my own will, become angered... please help me to set those thoughts aside and make the choice to speak and show gratitude.

Just imagine - what a wonderful world this could be. It begins by cracking open that door of faith with gratitude.

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