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A Good Name is Better

The medical and dental clinics at MOHI have an outstanding reputation in the community. Daily our patients tell us how they heard about the clinic. Our new patients share with us what exactly their family, friends, and neighbors told them that made them decide to give us a try. Here are some of the points we hear over and over again:

  • They treated me like a person - with respect

  • The medicine is free

  • They had devotions with us before we saw the doctor/dentist

  • They explained the problem to me so I could understand

  • The nurses and doctors are kind

  • I went to this place and that, but I found the solution there

  • They have the most effective medicines there

  • They showed me how to avoid more problems

  • They showed me pictures of teeth and showed me how to take care of them

Regina's friend told her about the dental clinic, so she took a motorcycle taxi to come see us.

Nathalie is familiar with the clinic because her mom has high blood pressure and comes to see us each month to check it and refill her prescription. This week Nathalie was worried about her little girl, Rebeca. After two days with a fever, she decided to bring her to see the doctor at MOHI. She really appreciated the time and effort Dr. Evens took with her and they went home encouraged and knowing how to use the prescribed medicine.

The medical lab construction is coming along. (Note the aquaponics fish tanks behind the railing!)

Pastor Lex arrived back in Haiti yesterday.

He was happy to see how much the corn had grown while he was gone. The goats were happy to see him, too!

And of course, he was glad to be back in the midst of our brothers and sisters for our Sunday morning worship service in Thozin.

He's looking forward to attending graduation at Christian Light School this week!!! Graduating from high school is a great accomplishment anywhere. In Haiti it's actually not the norm, so we are so proud of all these students who pushed through the hard times and persevered!

Next month we'll be having graduations at the Thozin and St. Etienne campuses of MOHI. Here are some good-looking seniors from Thozin!

While the uniforms are certainly sharp-looking, the smiles are definitely the prettiest thing they are wearing!

Pastor Lex and I had a wonderful time meeting some Christian Light School friends in Maine last week. Next month we will be in Jacksonville and looking forward to meeting more friends. Sherrie will be hosting a meet & greet with us at 1353 Hollyhock Avenue on June 11th at 7pm. If you're anywhere near Jacksonville, please come out to meet us in person! (Oh the stories you will hear!!!!)

It has been a difficult season in Haiti, with much political unrest. Would you join us in remembering Haiti in your prayers? In Christ we are complete, full of hope and trust in God! This is the only way to live in this world at peace.

Thank you for being with us every step of the way, as we reach out to others as the hands and feet of Jesus in this world!


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