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Amidst Tragedy, Hope Remains

The president of Haiti, 53-year-old Jovenel Moise, was assassinated in his home in the predawn hours Wednesday. The first lady was seriously injured. Two of their children were hiding in the bathroom while this took place. No one else was injured in the operation. Our hearts break for his family. The nation of Haiti mourns and is outraged.

The security situation in Haiti has been declining for months. I had planned to join Pastor Lex there last week but I felt uneasy about going. Instead, I made arrangements to return to Massachusetts, where we would have met up on Wednesday. Instead, Haiti has held onto him a little longer. The airport and borders were all closed down. I'm so grateful for the Spirit of God Who brings guidance, comfort, and peace. I am confident the Lord has Pastor Lex exactly where He wants him for this moment. There is NO darkness that can stand against even the smallest flame. We have great hope today, not because of what we see in the world, but because the LIGHT of the world lives in us.

We are excited to be developing a deeper partnership with Mission E4, which was started by our friend Scott Long. Scott completed his race and entered eternity on January 28th. His son Taran (who has worked together with him most of his life!) has taken the reigns and is really awesome to work with. Each organization has strengths in different areas and we are discovering we are even better together. It's quite thrilling for all of us! Here's an update Lex and Taran did a few days ago.

We reached out to many of you by email this week. With the tense situation in Haiti right now, we are concerned about food security and fuel availability. Several people responded immediately. Thank you!!! These funds enabled us to begin purchasing food.

Yesterday, at the Christian Light School campus in Port-au-Prince, we were able to do our first distribution of rice, beans, and oil to our students and their families.

We will be doing more distributions over the next few days. If you would like to be a part, please click on the button below to donate. Thank you for helping our friends in Haiti have food to eat over the next few weeks!

COVID has been rampant in Haiti for the past month or so. There are no accurate statistics to go by, but we have seen a steep rise in people showing symptoms throughout our area. Would you join us in praying for the health of our friends and neighbors?

Belitha rode a motorcycle taxi to get to the clinic this week. It was the third time this year that she's come to see the doctor. The experience she's had causes her to tell others about the clinic, as well. She says both the doctors and the medicines are very effective. She really appreciates the staff as they are very welcoming, kind, and respectful.

In the midst of such difficult times, a walk in the garden can be a great stress relief and a wonderful place to meet with God. These papayas and bananas are nearing maturity. Yum!

Thank you for hanging in there with us, for praying and encouraging us, and for sacrificing your time and means to help provide hope for children! We love hearing from you and hearing about you. Please feel free to reach out to me at . I'd love to get to know you more!


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