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His Workmanship

January 15, 2023

My devotion this morning really struck a resounding chord inside. " open to what God has to say to you. Ask Him what He wants for you in the year ahead. Make yourself available to God to be used by Him to love others and to accomplish His Kingdom purposes in the world." (from Bethel Church at Vista Pointe)

As I think of our students at MOHI in Haïti, I consider the many wonderful attributes the Lord has created and grown in them. They care deeply for one another.

They share everything (including class notes!

They love to study together before and after school and even during recess.

Despite all the difficulties, they honor their flag and are proud to call themselves Haitian. These students are from MOHI in St. Etienne.

They love to honor God, sing about Him, and sing to Him.

They pray with gusto!

The children's curiosity is evident as they dig into this puzzle.

And...and...and... "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!" Cuteness sure does make it super easy to appreciate our friends in Haïti! These little ones are getting a tremendous nutritional start to life at MOHI's Baby Feeding Program.

Little ones genuinely benefit from regular visits to the doctor - those well-baby checks are valuable. And those sick baby checks even more so. We are so grateful to the Lord for His provision for all these little ones!

We had a great week with our friend Lenny Haley in Luperòn this past week. We appreciate the time, expense, care, and energy he put into joining us. He was a great team player, working daily with Jephte and Ramon to build beds. Thank you, Lenny!!!

I'm glad that we had some special moments with Jesus, too. And then there was this...

Yesterday we welcomed our first large team from our partners at Bless Back Worldwide. Wooooo Hooooo! It was so special to see some of our regular visitors to Haïti who have been away for three years now get to join us in Luperòn. We also have several first-time visitors. We are thrilled to be sharing our new community with each one!

The team visited the Haitian Baptist Church of Luperòn this morning...

And later visited the construction site where they will be helping to lay the foundation for the church's new building. This is so exciting!!! We were humbled to see the church members hard at work.

Lex, aka Mbappe, enjoyed sharing our favorite Imbert village with the team. I think they enjoyed it, too!

Thank you for traveling on this journey with you. I hope at some point you will physically come visit us here in the Dominican Republic, too. Thank you for your prayers and support that are keeping the work in Haïti moving forward, as well as expanding the reach of the Gospel through MOHI.


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