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On the Road Again

April 28, 2024

Lex returned from his journey through Haiti and the Dominican Republic, feeling both encouraged and deeply moved by his experiences. We have now set out together on a trip to update some partners. I'll share more with you farther down.

Recent reports highlight the distressing reality that 90% of Port-au-Prince, Haiti's capital, is now under the control of gangs, painting a somber picture of the current situation. In response, the deployment of US troops to secure the international airport signifies a critical step towards stability. While a presidential council has been established, uncertainty prevails. In the midst of such turmoil, we hold fast to the hope we find in our unwavering faith in Jesus.

As we lift up Haiti in prayer, we are heartened by the Lord's transformative work through Mission of Hope International in Grand-Goave and St. Etienne. St. Etienne students recently commemorated Labor and Agriculture Day by planting saplings, fostering a spirit of community and growth.

Moreover, the collaboration between Mission of Hope International and the Haitian Department of Education continues to bear fruit, as university students undergo training at our Grand-Goâve school under the guidance of Mèt Voltaire, our esteemed director of schools.

There’s plenty to observe and learn from, too.

 Much of the learning happens in the classroom.

 Beyond the confines of the classroom, there is a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from the everyday experiences and interactions within these communities.

Our commitment to holistic care extends to ensuring the well-being of the youngest members of society, as we prioritize providing nourishment to those in need.

Witnessing the camaraderie and dedication among our staff reaffirms the transformative power of unity in service.

The medical and dental clinics are staffed with professionals who take pride in serving their patients well – with patience and dignity.

 June Saika is a student at MOHI. One of the things she loves at MOHI’s main campus is the medical clinic. She shared with us, “I come to the MOHI clinic often. They always take good care of me and I feel good about that. I came here today because I have a rash. I know that in GG this is the clinic where I can find a solution to my problem.”

With so much insecurity in the country, people do their best to get home before dark. Still, people are hard-pressed to miss evenings of group prayer.

In La Grúa, Dominican Republic, we see residents come together to help bring clean water to their village. The men worked hard to firmly plant a post that will support the water coming across the river.


The children, especially the boys, took the opportunity to show off their muscles to one another as they picked rocks to put in the post hole. They also carried blocks to the area where the water house will be built.

 I know I don’t talk much about the Bless Back Business Academy, but I want you to know that Aquilina has been working hard and going through her training. She’s coming close to the end of this first training phase, and she tells me she will pass the test at the end. Ahhhh. Such a beautiful statement of conviction from this lovely woman.

START NOW is moving forward, feeding the babies in La Grúa and Baraguana. Hunger is real in these neighborhoods.

The faithful baby sponsors make all the difference in these babies’ lives. Thank you so much!!! If you're not yet a part of this special group, reach out today to sponsor a baby, too!

Lucie ensures the babies get their vitamins and food each day, while Nounoune rises early in the morning to prepare the food for them. Again, we are blessed with wonderful people to work with.

Nurse Marlouse's weekly visits to the villages not only provide essential medical care but also foster meaningful connections, exemplified by the cherished bond with 102-year-old Martina.

Saturday morning we visited Christ the Messiah Church in Jacksonville, FL. I am particularly fond of listening to Rabbi/Dr. Ed Bez, who pastors this flock. With a doctorate in archeology and years of experience doing digs in Jerusalem, he has such a unique way of understanding the Old Testament in a Jewish context. He makes it obvious that the God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament. (We know this intellectually, but it’s easy to think of Him as harsh and judgmental in the OT and loving in the NT. The reality is that HE never changes.)

Today, we were with our friends at Amelia Plantation Chapel. They are great friends, and we were blessed to be with them again.

MOHI will be honored at this year's Greater Gardner Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner, where we will be presented with the Sybil Arguijo Community Service Award. If you live within a reasonable driving distance, your support at this event would mean so much to us. Click the graphic below for more information. Thank you.


Please pray that we can continue to be a blessing to others at each home and church we visit on this trip. And, of course, thank you for your prayers, support, and words of encouragement. We have some of the greatest partners in ministry. Thank you!



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