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Plan C

The missionary lifestyle is one of radical flexibility. Many of you joined this lifestyle in 2020, as a pandemic left many plans undone.

Lex and I had planned to return to Haiti on January 1st and spend several months there, but those plans were put on hold due to some medical tests I am still waiting on. We went to Plan B - we wait for test results, determine the next course of action, and then head to Haiti together. Circumstances arose that delayed my tests further and a door opened for Lex to return to Haiti yesterday. Apparently that was our Plan C.

The church at MOHI in Thozin was pleasantly surprised to see and hear from Pastor Lex this morning - in person! He brought words of comfort, as well as a call to action to the church this morning. No matter what is going on in the world around us, we can still entrust our whole beings to God's care here and now. For God SOOOOO loved the world that He gave...

It was certainly a blessing for Pastor Lex to reconnect with so many dear brothers and sisters in Thozin this morning!

Our dear friend and fellow missionary to Haiti, Scott, is currently being hospitalized in Massachusetts. Everyone at MOHI in Haiti refer to him as my little brother. We are praying for health to return to every cell of his body. Would you join your prayers to ours? Thank you.

Sweet Connection, a small business venture my daughters and I undertook for the month prior to Christmas, was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, and very rewarding. It enabled us to make a donation to MOHI in the amount of $240, plus generated some direct donations from people who just wanted to help. Thank you to everyone who supported this effort and I hope you enjoyed your sweets!

I encourage you to also consider ways you could raise funds to continue supporting our programs in Haiti. Whether you do something small, like we did, or something bigger, every bit helps. Altogether we are impacting hundreds, even thousands of lives in Haiti and beyond. Thank you!!!

Natacha is a young woman who lives in Leogane - about 20 minutes north east of Grand-Goave. She had been suffering in pain from a toothache for quite some time. Just like in the US, dental care is very costly in Haiti, too. She was putting off treatment due to a lack of financial resources. A neighbor told her about the dental clinic at MOHI. She got into a taptap (privately owned public transportation in Haiti) and then took a moto-taxi to get to our Thozin campus. She pointed out that the dentist was very gentle and took time to really explain things to her. On behalf of Natacha and so many others like her, thank you to each and every person who supports MOHI and makes services like this to those who might otherwise remain in pain and suffering. What a wonderful witness of the love and care that God has for each one of us.

Gessica is a young mother from the island of la Gonave - where Pastor Lex was born and raised. This past week she came to Grand-Goave with her baby boy to visit family. While they were here, her son became ill with a fever. The people in the neighborhood told her about the clinic and she decided to bring him to us. She was so grateful that she was able to find medicine for her son, even though she didn't have any money to pay for it.

Each student is precious to Jesus and to us! Steevenson is practicing writing his twos...

Berline is writing her numbers, as well...

Some of our seventh graders are enjoying some library time...

We so appreciate Megan Hickey, who has been using her photography skills to add some great pictures for us to share with you. God bless you, Megan!!!

Thank you for your prayers and material support, which enable Mission of Hope International to continue to meet the needs of so many: spirit, soul, and body.


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