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Twenty-Two Days

Sunday, December 3, 2023

It's been a long, difficult road for so many families in the communities where we work in Haïtï. Right now, we are in a season of HOPE! Not a hope based on what we see in governments, social groups, or schools. This hope comes from knowing that there is a SAVIOR for this world - Jesus Christ, the LORD.

Only 22 days until Christmas, the day we celebrate the birth of that wonderful Savior. Would you like to do something special for a Haitian family struggling to survive right now? Your one-time online gift of $50 today will put dinner on their plates this Christmas - in just 22 days. You can stop the hopeless tummy rumblings and give a family a moment to lift their eyes and give thanks for the birth of the ONE who loves them.

We are grateful to God for HIS continued faithfulness to all of us at MOHI. Being able to feed the babies each day just seems to make all the difficulties worthwhile. What an impact our supporters are having on these little one's lives!

Even as Christmas Day approaches, students and teachers work hard to learn and share critical knowledge.

Parents were invited to this Friday's Chapel Service. At the end of the service, the school's administration team presented special certificates to the top-performing children in each class. Seeing parents come forward to be honored because their child is doing so well is really touching. And most students thoroughly enjoy being recognized for their hard work - even if they hide it well.

Since MOHI began, we have held a midweek service on Tuesday nights in Thozin. We sure enjoy praising the LORD!!!

Stephanie had heard about the medical and dental clinics at MOHI and decided to go take care of some dental issues finally. She was surprised at how well the experience went for her. She told us she started a treatment and will return in two weeks to complete it. Praise the LORD! She said, "Thank you for all your support in this community."

When Samantha woke up earlier in the week, she received a call from her sister letting her know that her nephew was not feeling well. She said, "Why don't you go to the MOHI clinic with him? They will take good care of him and give him medicine for free." And so, Samantha brought her nephew to the clinic in Thozin. As she left, she said, "The nurses and the doctor are so generous. They treat patients with love. I received medicine for my nephew, and I am happy to have this clinic here. I pray it will always be here for us."

Meanwhile, in the Dominican Republic, the garden is finally GREEN!!! Pastor Miratel has been doing a wonderful job of overseeing all the planting. Lex spent a considerable amount of time getting the irrigation pipes back in place, too. Check out these pictures and see what produce you recognize.

Bernard got to set up a new laptop for Aquilina so she could begin her training to become a Business Academy coach in Luperòn. This is a new venture for us, but our friends at Bless Back Worldwide are seasoned pros. We are excited to see the impact these scripture-based courses will make in our community and beyond.

We are excited to see improvements in the businesses we frequent in the area. Customer service, as you probably know, is critical to the success of a business. I can take a business providing a mediocre product and turn it into everyone's go-to place for said product. Hopefully, the businesses will be transformed! We are taking the first baby steps toward a mighty community influence.

Thank you for being a part of all this and more! Don't forget our friends in Haïti during this busy season. Please give as generously as possible. Thank you.


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