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Uncertainty and Hope Together

Sunday, March 10, 2024

When US News sources start reporting on Haiti, you know there’s been an uptick in bad. When Lex is set to go to Haiti and slams on the brakes? That’s more than an uptick.

Currently, Haiti’s appointed Prime Minister is out of the country and cannot get back in. Both sea and air ports have been attacked by gangs and are closed. The sea ports are being looted. The gangs are actually united in one goal: to see the Prime Minister resign. It seems the majority of the country wants this as well, but perhaps many would prefer that it not be gangsters that lead the country into a new government.

There are many, many details to consider. As always, it’s very, very complicated. Before I move onto the things I actually like to communicate, I will share this press release from US Secretary Blinken’s Call with Haitian Prime Minister Henry. The below is attributable to Spokesperson Matthew Miller:

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke with Haitian Prime Minister Dr. Ariel Henry on March 7 to discuss the ongoing political, security, and humanitarian crisis in Haiti. For more than a year, the United States has encouraged Prime Minister Henry and other key stakeholders in Haiti to reach a compromise that will end the ongoing political stalemate. In the past week, the political crisis in Haiti, combined with escalating violence and civil unrest, has created an untenable situation which threatens the country’s citizens and security.


In his conversation with Prime Minister Henry, Secretary Blinken expressed support for a proposal developed in partnership with CARICOM and Haitian stakeholders to expedite a political transition through the creation of a broad-based, independent presidential college to steer the country toward the deployment of a Multinational Security Support mission and free and fair elections. The Secretary urged Henry to support this proposal in the interest of restoring peace and stability to Haiti so the Haitian people can resume their daily lives free from violence and despair.


Can you imagine? Amidst all this, our services in Grand-Goâve and St. Etienne are still up and running! Teachers, students, and staff are all present.

Students and babies are being fed.

We have quite a few new babies who have come to Thozin from Port-au-Prince.

The sick and hurting are being treated.

The church is gathering for prayer and worship services.

We are so grateful to the LORD for sustaining everyone at MOHI and for such generosity from our supporters. Thank you!

Pastor Lex is in the Dominican Republic to get the START NOW Early Childhood Intervention program up and running. We are so grateful to all the baby sponsors who are enabling this program to begin.

The garden has an abundance of pumpkins (for pumpkin soup) and papayas (for a vegetable dish called legume when they are green and to eat as a fruit when they are ripe).

Pastor Lex enjoyed shopping for other ingredients for the meals. Protein sources are important for the development of these precious little ones.

START NOW will be a significant support to the Community Healthcare Promoters.

The walls are up on the future home of the Haitian Baptist Church of Luperón! What a joy it is to see the Body of Christ coming together to build this house of worship. Next up will be the beams.

It is exciting to see families moving into the new building in La Grúa!!! Maxime and Mercelie are with their children, Merline, Marceline, and Maxi, in front of their new home.

I think Miguel and Angel are excited to move into their home, along with their children, Mirelys, Alcantara, and Mirka.

Please continue in prayer during this critical season in Haiti. Pray that the population would lift up their eyes and hope in God.

Ports are closed so we cannot ship food into Haiti right now. We are especially grateful for donations that will be used to purchase food in Haiti. Please click on the picture to donate today.

People are hungry and hurting. We have the opportunity to impact them with the kindness and love of God. Thank you for joining with us.


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