There Be Electricity!

Good afternoon from cool and cloudy Massachusetts! Yes, Lex and I returned Stateside Tuesday evening, leaving the mission in the capable hands of our leadership team back in Grand-Goave. We are so blessed to have the new generator up and running at the Thozin campus. Our solar capability has also been increased. We are so grateful to each of you who helped to make this happen. We have some adjustments to make in order the solar system and generator to work together. We are trusting the Lord to guide us in making it happen. It was another good week of school. We're so grateful that schools continue to function and the political climate in our area remains much better than it was previous

Team G3 & the Evangelical Church

No dull moments this week between visiting groups, Team G3 and the Evangelical Church (Fall River, MA), the Women's Conference at the Thozin church, and everything else happening at MOHI. Wow!!! Here's everyone, plus AJay, Len Gengel, and me on the roof of BLB. Team G3 helped in various areas of the ministry, including assisting our medical staff in St. Etienne... In Thozin... In Fauche... And in our schools... Others performed maintenance tasks and turned part of the Gathering Place into a mini indoor soccer field! We were so grateful for help getting class pictures taken. And love that the kindergarten teacher took advantage of the moment to get pictures of her students in caps and gown


We so enjoyed working with our three new friends from Connecticut: Jonathan, Devon, and Brett. They assisted in the clinic and an outreach, they read with our students, and they helped us get some smaller projects completed. We now have stairs for the new clinic entrance! Dr. Jim Bironj and Tim Stiles, from Mission USA joined us mid-week. They completed some repairs and upgrades to the dental clinic. They moved one of the chairs and a counter into new positions and we now have a great suction machine set up for both chairs. Dr. Mabou is now responsible to ensure our students receive their weekly Fluoride Swish in their classrooms. This is a program that was set up by Dr. Chris Kibler fro

"But God..." Moments

I have some wonderful news to share with you today, but first, let's do some updates. We had a full week of school this week. (I can hardly stand the cuteness of our preschoolers...) Although we have beautiful furniture in the library, often times the favorite reading spot in right on the carpet. And what's more fun than reading a book? Reading a book with friends! In the mountains of St. Etienne, our students are learning and eating, too! The radio station has some automation to it, so while there's loud music playing outside, there's not always someone INside. Lots of people turned out for clinic this week. I love seeing our nurses trading positions with Baby at the intake station and

Spring in Charlotte

Things seem to have calmed down significantly in Haiti this week. There are some next steps in place to hopefully bring more lasting peace to the country. We continue to pray for this peace. We've been having such a great week with our friends here in Charlotte! First of all, it was only the end of February and this is what we were experiencing... Isn't it beautiful? Leaves are poking out on the maples and daffodils are in FULL bloom. It's just a crazy sight for this New Englander, who just left the single digit temperatures of Massachusetts. We have been so blessed by our Bless Back Worldwide family here. We are especially grateful to the Roper and McCloy families for hosting us in th

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