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Three Areas of Need

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Above is architect Paul Fallon's sketch of the project in La Grua. (Thank you, Paul!) The walls continue to go up as we work toward providing shelter for the families who lost their homes and belongings in a massive fire.

It's incredible to see the fire victims working right alongside the masons. Men and women are teaming up together to get the job done so they can have a roof over their heads again.

So many of you are continuing to give sacrificially to make this happen. Thank you so much!!! Please, let's continue supporting this project. If you haven't gotten to it yet, you can send a check to MOHI, PO Box 884, Gardner, MA 01440, OR click on the link below to donate directly to helping our friends in La Grua, Imbert, Dominican Republic. Thank you!

Pastor Lex saw much more of the island last week than he'd intended to. His travel was disrupted by Tropical Storm Franklin, closed country borders, a medical emergency (thankfully not his!), and a flight cancelation.

He traveled by car, bus, motorcycle, and finally, he returned to Massachusetts by plane. On the map above, #6 was a closed border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. This resulted in a FULL day of travel to arrive at #7. The next day, he was able to get to another crossing at #8. I was so glad he was able to get back in time for his flight out of Santiago, but alas, that flight was another full day of "this ain't happenin'," so #11 was for 27 hours, rather than the two he'd planned on. He did finally make it back the next morning!

I believe he enjoyed seeing areas of Haiti he'd never seen before. He likely would have enjoyed it a lot more if he wasn't exhausted from all the traveling.

While at MOHI in Grand-Goâve, he thoroughly enjoyed gathering with our brothers and sisters in Christ for a Sunday morning worship service in Thozin...

...And meeting a new friend!

Of course, he spent time in the clinics, talking with staff and watching the staff care for the patients.

Even when we're not in the Dominican Republic, Nurse Marlouse still visits our friends in La Grua and Cambiaso, checks on their health, and continually educates the families she meets.

The women from Eglise Evangélique Mission of Hope in Thozin, Grand-Goâve, Haïti, were out on the street during market day, singing and declaring the goodness of God in the community's bustling outdoor market. They finished their missionary journey back at MOHI's main campus, where they prayed and thanked the LORD for drawing others to Himself and meeting needs that day.

The babies are enjoying a variety of nutritious meals each weekday morning.

Some of our babies have "graduated " and are now eating in their classrooms.

The staff works hard to keep everyone fed!

Happy birthday to Mackenley!

It's an exciting time for Mackenley as he is one of the feeding program graduates. Please consider sponsoring one of these children. $41 per month covers their school tuition, books, uniforms, daily meals, and dental and medical care. Send your request to and we'll get you started right away.

Happy birthday to Madame Yverose, too! Days (especially birthdays) are fun when you're the preschool director!

Days are always filled with fun moments during preschool, too.

Director Voltaire held a seminar for MOHI's teachers in St. Etienne this past week. The best teachers continue learning throughout their careers.

It's always special (especially for Pastor Edon!) when school alumnaes come back for a visit. Dessalines (on the left) and his co-worker have a difficult job to do in the department police force (equivalent to State Police in the US). We are proud of his hard work and determination.

Roseline and Madame St. Fort are hard workers, too!

Meanwhile, back in Massachusetts, we have a great group of people working together to help our friends from Haiti integrate into the American system. This week, we put in a lot of time helping folks complete paperwork for things like social security numbers, health insurance, and registering their children for school. I am especially grateful to Julie Meehan for keeping us all coordinated!

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this. There's a lot going on. If you're not involved, please jump in. The three greatest areas of need right now are:

  1. Growing our Child Sponsorship base to catch up with the over 800 students attending our schools

  2. Meeting the $1200/month budget to keep the dental clinic open and thriving

  3. Providing shelter for the victims of the fire in La Grua

Thank you for your prayers and support today. Thank you for partnering with us to impact so many lives with good news, good works, kindness, and love.


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