Heading to Normal

Pastor Lex and I are on the road, traveling to Charlotte today. We are excited to see many of our friends from Bless Back Worldwide whom we’ve gotten to know in Haiti. We are looking forward to visiting schools who have sent their students and staff to serve with us, too. The political situation in Haiti remains tentative, but is calming down. In Grand-Goave and St. Etienne some sense of normalcy has been restored. This means that transportation is working again, people are able to purchase goods in the open markets, and our students actually started back to school on Tuesday. So many expressed their concerns to us and offered to pray for the country and for MOHI. I believe we’re begin

Haiti, Simply NOT Simple

Many of you have reached out to us this week, asking about the current situation in Haiti and offering to pray with us. We realize that this represents a small percentage of our friends, volunteers, and supporters, so I will update everyone here on the political situation. Before we go there, though, I do want to share some MOHI specific news with you. I shared with you last week about our friend, Chel Finn, and her creative call for people to purchase milking goats for our Thozin campus. Her goal was for 10 goats. As of last check-in, we are up to 32 goats. Wow! I love to see people get behind a project like that. Lex and I are so grateful for each one who has participated in this pro


Cheryl "Chel" and I have been talking for about a year now about making goat cheese/yogurt in Haiti. Her last visit with us, she actually milked a goat. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get much milk from the nanny goat. Come to find out, she wasn't a "dairy" goat. At that point we started talking about putting up a goat pen and building a herd of "dairy" goats. Chel will be returning to MOHI in Haiti again in March (along with a couple dozen others on her team!) and we're still talking about goat cheese and yogurt. Over the next several weeks, we plan to put up a goat pen and small shelter to protect the goats from the weather. Knowing that we need to actually purchase the goats, C

Super Week Super Sunday

This week we cut the new doorway into the dental clinic at MOHI. (Yes, I'm very excited about this!) We will need to move one of the chairs and add some shallow upper cabinets to the wall to make everything more accessible to our staff and the oral care professionals coming to work with us. The culinary class continues to put out some yummy baked goods. The muffins are among the favorites. What a blessing it is to see our students enjoying a hot meal each day at school! Our high school students seem to really enjoy mealtime for socializing, too. Maintenance is such a huge responsibility at MOHI. We so appreciate those who support MOHI's general fund, enabling our staff to keep the facil

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