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Cheryl "Chel" and I have been talking for about a year now about making goat cheese/yogurt in Haiti. Her last visit with us, she actually milked a goat. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to get much milk from the nanny goat. Come to find out, she wasn't a "dairy" goat. At that point we started talking about putting up a goat pen and building a herd of "dairy" goats.

Chel will be returning to MOHI in Haiti again in March (along with a couple dozen others on her team!) and we're still talking about goat cheese and yogurt. Over the next several weeks, we plan to put up a goat pen and small shelter to protect the goats from the weather. Knowing that we need to actually purchase the goats, Chel put out a fun post on her Facebook, asking her FB friends to get involved in this project.

Sure enough, her friends responded (overwhelmingly) with the means to purchase thirteen goats, so far.

I'm so excited about this! Not only will this enable us to consider goat milk products (which are virtually unheard of in our area), but they will be a great resource for our students to learn from, as well. Thank you, Chel, for opening another door that we can walk through at MOHI!!!

Wilson has been preparing the wall of the new clinic waiting area for a mural. Our friends at the Hands and Feet Project have an artist coming who wants to work with our students to create something beautiful there. YES!

Eli is a MOHI school graduate and a preacher in our churches and on our radio station. This week he has been laying tile in the new bathrooms, located by the new clinic entrance.

We love having Madame Gama (Angela) back in Haiti. Her musical abilities and heartfelt worship are a blessing to the church in Thozin.

These girls! This is such typical Haitian humor. One is angry (playfully) about something and the other is laughing at her angry expression.

On a personal note, I met one of my sisters this week. Barbara, her husband, daughter, and their grandchildren came out for a fun evening of comparing stories and getting to know each other. What a blessing!

Thursday began a difficult season of political uprising in Haiti. Please join us in praying for peace in the country and a lasting resolution to the issue of hunger. Thank you.

By the way, Jesus is the true *G.O.A.T. No one can compare! Tom Brady does rock though.

*Greatest Of All Time

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