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Darkness is as Light to YOU

Summer has been hot in New England! It's pretty warm in Haiti, too. As you can see in the photo below, summer soccer leagues draw a lot of attention in our city.

A big shout out and thank you to Lifeline Christian Mission for donating a ton (not just a lot, but literally a TON!) of dried beans to us last week. At a time when inflation is out of control and people are hungrier than ever, these beans will go a long way in supplying good bulk and nutrition to our neighbors. Carrying them all back to the mission was a challenge that Cherubin met head on!

Our two main churches at MOHI are located in Thozin (Grand-Goave) and St. Etienne (Leogane). The first is more of a city community and the second is up in the mountains. Culturally, they're like Country Mouse and City Mouse. There are definite distinctions about each congregation, just as the cultures in their areas have unique qualities.

Yet in each location we witness the love of Jesus being manifest. Lives are being touched by the Spirit of God and people are learning to look to Jesus for fulfillment in their lives.

Prayer is a big part of our lives in Haiti. When you know you can't depend on the government's help and most everyone you know is suffering as much as you are, there's a tendency to reach out to God and expect Him to respond on your behalf and that of your children.

We have a wonderful group of volunteers that meet with the children Sunday mornings. They are teaching them the importance of trusting in Jesus. They sing songs of praise, learn a Bible verse, listen to a Bible story, do a craft, and have a snack and juice before heading home. I feel so blessed to see how these young people care for these children.

The children are so precious to all of us. In the picture below you see Manno Isidor, one of our administrative staff in the school and an early member of the church in Thozin, and his wife presenting their youngest child. The pastors are all there praying with them and the congregation responds to their commitment.

The medical staff shows care to our community, too.

They do a great job of teaching and building people up - encouraging them to do what's best for their bodies and their children's bodies.

This week we cared for many of the elderly from our community, too.

I want to encourage you today to follow hard after Jesus. He knows the end from the beginning. He is your strong tower in the midst of the storm. He knows who you are and what you're going through. He is love and His love never fails. Fix your eyes on Him and walk THROUGH the darkness you perceive around you, for He is the LIGHT. As soon as the light appears darkness flees. Can you sweep away a shadow? No. Can you turn on a light in a dark room and see it stay dark? No. My prayer for you this week is that you would allow the Light of Christ to shine into every dark place you encounter and see with new sight!

Thank you so much for your love and care for my family, for all those involved in life at MOHI in Haiti, and for all those whose lives are yet to be touched through this ministry. We appreciate you!!! We also covet your prayers. Would you join with us this week in prayer? Thank you.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for peace in the political processes in Haiti and for all communities in the country.

  • Pray that MOHI would continue to find food to share with the hungry all around us.

  • Pray that many teams would come to MOHI to share life skills and vocational skills with the Haitian people.

  • Pray for Dr. Kaylah as she embarks on her full time service in Haiti this month, that her transition would be full of moments of encouragement, that friendships would be formed, that our teachers would catch a greater vision and begin to implement new skills learned.

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