Happy Autumn

In New England the nights are chilly, the leaves are changing, and the apples are good for picking. We enjoyed an afternoon with our kids and grands at the apple orchard. (I KNOW you all want to see some pics of my family!) Alante quickly got the knack of picking the apples. Alexia is just serious about food. She barely has any teeth (4 coming in at once right now), and yet she managed to figure out how to use them to bite into the apples. When we suggested she give one of us a bite, she would quickly hold on with all her might and bring the apple to her mouth again. Lex and I enjoyed being silly... I sang the itsy bitsy spider, trying to get the kids to smile for the camera. They ended

Back to School Smiles

I want to share just one thing with you today: School is back in session!!! The students are all so very happy to be back to school this week. The smiles (most of them, anyway) are REAL. I'd like to give a big shout out to Megan Hickey and Manno Isidor for sharing these great pictures with us! Thank you! Pastor Bauvais leads the assembly in prayer on the first day of school... Maitre Voltaire, our school director, addresses the student/parent assembly... High School Fun... Elementary school smiles... First day of preschool... Thank you so much for continuing to pray for our students, staff, and community, as well as for your generous support!

Back to School Prep

This week has been full with staff meetings, many little projects, and completing maintenance tasks in preparation for the full opening of school tomorrow morning. We also put in a floor and some finishing touches on another classroom. Please think of our students in Haiti when you are doing your back to school shopping. When items go on clearance soon, too, consider picking up some composition notebooks, back packs, pens, pencils, and other school supplies. Reach out to me at and we can work out the details of gathering them from you and getting them shipped to Haiti. Back to school will mean a major increase in traffic coming to our medical and dental clinics. We are s

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