A Growing Family

I'm so thrilled to update you on our new baby: Terra Glory-Anna (Terra because she came from under the ground - Glory as we glorify God!)

One Child at a Time

I have a lot to share with you today and am having a little trouble navigating it all in my mind. Where to begin? What to share? What to hold near and ponder? I'm trusting the Lord will guide me and you will find something of worth somewhere in it all. First of all, let me begin with telling you it was really an incredible week at MOHI. We had a great meeting (via Messenger Video chat) with Dr. Evens (at MOHI in Haiti), Dr. Carmen (NC), Lisa (country director from Bless Back Worldwide in NC), Benjamin (clinic administrator in Haiti), Lex (Haiti), and me (MA). I love the respect that our friends at Bless Back show to our staff in Haiti. They truly listen and honor us all. I am so grat

Vision and Provision

Sometimes we work to make money. Other times we work because we're passionate about what we're doing.

Highlights of the Week

Pastor Lex arrived back in Haiti last night. The church in Thozin was blessed to hear a message this morning about the love of God and to share the Lord's Table together. We had a great week of school in the preschool... ...the primary school... ...and in the high school. The dental clinic has had plenty of little patients to help this week. The medical clinic has been seeing a lot of patients too. Hats off to Bless Back Worldwide who has started shipping our medications for the clinic to us. What a blessing to so many!!! Remember that bus engine we picked up in Ohio? Well, it has arrived. We're so grateful to our friends at Mission USA who are always ready to help us locate our more cha

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