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Solidarity in Christ

It was another troublesome week in Haiti, punctuated by political dissent, large protests, and gang violence. Still no answer in sight...

When all looks lost...

Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

Our churches are praying. Here men from the Thozin church gather in the library to pray for the country. They have been weary and heavy burdened for their families, friends, and country. Jesus promised them rest.

Thank you for holding our Haitian friends up in prayer. Please continue to join them in trusting God to lead them in HIS ways.

We were able to squeak by with two days of school at our St. Etienne campus this past week. That's two more than most schools, including our main campus.

The medical and dental clinics were able to work several days, even though it was difficult for our staff from Petit-Goave to find transportation with no clear roads to travel.

More than ever our friends in Haiti are suffering in hunger. Right now we're asking everyone who can to help us purchase a sack of rice. The cost is $45 and it will provide a meal for 18 families, combined with the donation of beans we received from Lifeline Christian Missions. Please consider making this a priority, as hunger really doesn't wait. You can donate here. Write to us here.

In the midst of such turmoil, it's so encouraging to see the faithfulness of the people involved in church. They still manage to sneak out to hold services. This morning in Thozin some of the children shared a song, too. Both the children and the adult worship teams obviously put on their Sunday best, too!

Thank you for your love and care for the people of Haiti. Thank you for your perseverance in prayer and giving.

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