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I love that Mission of Hope International can offer hope to people in so many ways. The Good News of the Savior's love, a good education, healthcare, dental care, and a good meal today all create a solid foundation of hope for tomorrow.

Even though Haiti is still in a terrible place (pray pray pray!), we were able to finally begin the new school year this past week. Praise the Lord!!! While parents are eager for their children to be in school, they are understandably timid about actually sending them out the door after so much insecurity in the country. I am so grateful that the community was supportive of the school opening back up and as the week went on we saw more and more students return.

We're so proud of our teaching staff, who stepped up to take the lead and welcome the children back to school.

Marie Rose (the widow mom of triplets+ we have been helping) and her children were all very happy to return, as well.

There were many interesting cases presented at the clinic this week. Once again all I can say is, "Look at how amazing our Lord is!" He makes a way where there seems to be none.

Dr. Mabou believes in what she teaches. She had her teeth cleaned this week.

We are waiting for customs to open in Port-au-Prince in order to get the container out. Please keep praying, as the food is greatly needed.

As far back as I can remember I've always loved to sing. When I was in second grade, a family friend gave my parents a used guitar to bring home for me. I had one or two lessons and then decided to do things my own way. Enough of those picking notes, I wanted to play chords so that I could SING! I may not have had much natural talent, but I studied and practiced without ever being told to. It was just the beginning. Music became my passion and writing songs became my therapy.

Writing arrangements of popular music for our school's Jazz Band, playing in several school bands, and soloing on the trumpet gave me a sense of purpose during my difficult teen years - right up until I was introduced to Jesus. While I still love music, it has definitely taken a back seat to my current passions - Jesus, family, and ministry. I do believe that music was God's gift to me during the waiting.

Now I think about all the children and youth in our schools. Life is HARD! What tools can we share with them to help them cope with life's difficulties? One of them is my favorite - music!

Having instruments and instruction available has impacted many lives. Many motivated, young people have learned how to play instruments at MOHI. The churches have been blessed! Music has kept many on a good path, keeping them busy and focused on belonging to a group of people who are doing good, rather than hitting the streets.

Do you have any instruments that are no longer being used? They would be put to good use at MOHI. Woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion... all of them are highly valued by our students. Reach out to to make arrangements to get them to Haiti or the Dominican Republic.

The married women's group is quite dear to the church as a whole. When they sing, the entire congregation "gets into it." There's clapping, swaying, dancing, and sometimes even hoots and shouts. The messages they sing usually have to do with what we want to look like as the Church. In the video below, they are encouraging us to work together, hand in hand, for the good of the Kingdom.

I love witnessing the relationship between this group and the young people playing music. These women speak to the youth as they would their own children and the youth listen. When no one else can get someone to do a rehearsal with them, this group always has musicians rarin' to go.

Pastor Lex is back in the Dominican Republic this week, while I am recovering from the Flu and a ruptured eardrum. Flying was just not what the doctor ordered.

This photo is Pastor Lex and our DR Country Director, Mr. Bernard, and our friend Augustin's little man (proud mama looking on from the background there).

Now's the time to plan a mission trip for Spring Break 2023! Reach out to us now at .

If you think of us this week, please lift up a prayer asking the Lord to utilize each of us for His purposes right where we are. Thank you!

Thank you for partnering with us to the nations! God has a plan and you and I have the privilege of being a part of it. Praise the Lord!!!


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