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Happy Autumn

In New England the nights are chilly, the leaves are changing, and the apples are good for picking. We enjoyed an afternoon with our kids and grands at the apple orchard. (I KNOW you all want to see some pics of my family!)

Alante quickly got the knack of picking the apples.

Alexia is just serious about food. She barely has any teeth (4 coming in at once right now), and yet she managed to figure out how to use them to bite into the apples. When we suggested she give one of us a bite, she would quickly hold on with all her might and bring the apple to her mouth again.

Lex and I enjoyed being silly...

I sang the itsy bitsy spider, trying to get the kids to smile for the camera. They ended up doing all the motions, instead.

AJay and Cherie enjoyed the Honey Crisps!

Some things (people) improve with age:

In Haiti, too, the nights are beginning to bring a little relief from the day's heat. Unlike much of New England, Haiti's schools are fully open again - including the MOHI schools. (Please consider purchasing some extra school supplies to share with our students!)

Some of our students in Thozin...

...and some from St. Etienne...

It's so good to see the kids enjoying their hot meal each morning!

There's plenty of work for our staff to manage again.

Computer classes are up and running.

The clinics are a lot busier, now, as well, with students being back on campus.

I was listening to K-LOVE today and singing along (quite enthusiastically, actually) with a song - nothing is better than YOU... When the song was over, I found myself contemplating the words that I continued humming. I thought to myself, "Well, of course! I mean, seriously, God created everything I've ever known. Of course nothing/no one is better than HIM." The things in this life that I find pleasurable (successes, accomplishing goals, delicious foods, relationships [especially grand babies!], swimming, scenic routes...) - whatever it may be - Can these things compare to HIM? The euphoria I experience should pale in comparison. Right? If I'm to be honest (which I will be), I would have to admit that those times where I was so overjoyed with the presence of God have been far and few between. I'm grateful for them, but I realize that I've been settling for less than I should. Satisfaction with a good meal should pale in comparison to a moment of clear revelation or the joy of knowing God has used me to touch someone's life. Sometimes my mind is so boggled by how quickly I can forget why I am here.

Will you join me this week in pausing throughout the day to consider WHO has created us and to see HIS hand guiding us in HIS will, doing HIS bidding, in this world of HIS creation? Let's let HIM show us how enjoyable our relationship with HIM can be!


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