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Happy New Year!

It was a beautiful holiday season for us here in Haiti. I hope it was for you, as well.

The kids make Christmas dinner a very entertaining time

Christmas was so much fun with our long-term missionary friends and family. Of course, it’s the kids that make the celebration so enjoyable. Faith, Glory, Nathan, Ben and Caleb did just that.

The kids enjoyed their own Christmas party at MOHI. We also enjoyed stopping in at the Be Like Brit Christmas celebration, as well. They had lots of skits and performances and of course the kids were all decked out for the occasion.

Christmas fun at BLB

Last week we took a short trip to Santo Domingo. Our missionary friends, Bud and Karen Simon, were so kind and hospitable, opening their home to us. With Bud’s help and connections, we finally located a car part we’ve been looking for for sooooo long. Bud and Karen took us to a mall, a department/grocery store and the movies.

The beauty and fun of Santo Domingo

Although we really enjoyed this “almost American” time, I do find it very disturbing to realize that Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince are so different from one another. Santo Domingo has multiple lane, restricted access highways, beautiful views of the ocean right along major thoroughfares, modern buildings, shopping malls, an aquarium, a zoo, Pizza Hut and Payless Shoes!!! Port-au-Prince … … … doesn’t. We were asking Karen some questions and she responded, “well, it’s a poor country.” I was reminded that it really is, but the average annual income is twice that of Haiti. You can see it in the environment.

We don’t see many buildings like these in Haiti

Pastor Gwyneth Arrison, along with her daughter Faith, arrived with donations for the clinic. They worked on several projects while they were here. We appreciate all their hard work.

Pastor Gwyneth and Faith Arrison

This week was incredible, as we held our annual Christian Leadership Academy. We’ve had some really great preachers minister at this event over the years. This year was in keeping with that tradition. Pastor Gary Collette and Bro. Dan Kramer were our keynote speakers. Pastor Kevin and Pastor Gwyneth Arrison ministered, as well.

pastors praying over cloths

Bro Dan, Pastor Gary, Pastor Kevin

Pastor Kevin Groder


This morning 9 people walked to the beach to meet up with Pastor Gary, Brother Dan and Pastor Lex to be baptized.

Baptisms this morning

The meetings came to a close this morning, with Pastor Gary’s dramatized message from Mark, chapters 1 and 2. There was a paralyzed man whose friends wanted to get him to Jesus so that he would be healed. The house where Jesus was was packed, so they made a hole in the roof and let the man down through the hole. Pastor Gary brought out four points about this man’s friends that enabled the man to be healed. They were compassionate, convicted, creative and cooperative. He had some young men come up and demonstrate how difficult it can be to accomplish their goal without having these qualities and then how great it is when you do possess these qualities.

compassion, conviction, creativity and cooperation

Earlier in the week we took some to give gifts out to some children and their care takers.

Bringing gifts to the kids at Pastor Enoch’s orphanage

The latest team from Bless Back Worldwide has finally arrived. Their flight yesterday was canceled. We are so glad they were able to make it today, even though it didn’t look like it was going to happen. We have an extremely busy week planned with them: medical and dental clinics in both St Etienne and Thozin, distributing first aid kits to parents of our elementary students and to our high school students – along with training in how to use them, English classes, fun with kids, teaching at a nursing school… I’m sure there won’t be a dull moment. Having lost a day and running on only a couple hours of sleep, they worked hard today getting organized to start clinics tomorrow. Your prayer support for this team is really appreciated. Thank you!

Bless Back Worldwide’s Team Extreme

A few more pics from this past week:

Jesus loves the little children

Madame Pelio with their beautiful baby girl

Diery and Dieunison

Thank you for your part in touching so many lives, here in Haiti, with God’s love in 2013.


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