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Like many places, in Haiti it is generally believed that people are more likely to be exposed to COVID-19 at a hospital, so most people will not go when they're not feeling well. As of today, Haiti has reported 72 confirmed COVID-1 cases resulting in 5 deaths. We know the numbers are under reported, as the country does not have the resources to do widespread testing. The neighboring Dominican Republic has reported 6135 confirmed cases and 278 deaths. We started a program this week, making masks to distribute through the medical clinic (and beyond). One of our teachers, Theralis Laporte, is heading up the program, sewing the masks for us. He quickly called on some other tailors and seams

Touchless Touch

Is anyone else making the best of a very difficult season? I'm so grateful for our missionary women's study group. We just started a new study this week on joy. We decided on this subject after having an especially joyful time together the previous week. We are pretty scattered right now: Jenny is in Haiti, Rebecca is in Canada, Megan is in Colorado, Angie is in New York, Michelle is in Indiana, Angela and I are in Massachusetts. Lex and I participated in the Haiti Round Table event this week (via Zoom). A panel of doctors and nonprofit organization leaders discussed the COVID-19 crisis - current activities in education and treatment, as well as plans for what may yet be to come. I espe

A Little History

Happy Easter to you! I'm so grateful that Jesus has conquered death and the grave and that HE now offers eternal life to each and every one of us - a true life in fellowship with our Creator. Did you know that we have been having online services for the MOHI churches in Haiti? You can take a peek here. Dr. Evens and Dr. Etienne continued to see patients this week at our medical clinic. We're so grateful for compassionate staff in the clinic. Although it seems to be an uphill battle, our staff continues instructing our neighbors to wash their hands often and practice social distancing. Hunger remains our biggest concern for our students and neighbors. Please consider helping with a donatio


COVID-19 in Haiti Currently there are 20 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country. Unfortunately, this is likely not a very accurate picture of the number of cases, but we certainly can hope against hope. Should the virus actually spread throughout Haiti (which I am praying it will not!), it could be more catastrophic than the 2010 earthquake. Most of the healthcare system in Haiti is HORRIBLE - no care unless you pay up front (the majority of people in the country struggle just to put food on the table) - no supplies in most hospitals, so you need someone to go out and purchase them (with money they don't likely have) somewhere else and bring them back - there are no food or personal hy

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