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Variety of Work

The team from CDS finished up this week and headed back to the Charlotte area. They connected one on one with some of our high school students, painted a neat mural (Fishers of Men), did lots of activities with our younger classes, planted some of the amazing Moringa trees, worked on a video and built a hydroponics system for the school in Thozin. They also spent some of their afternoons sitting in school classes with their new Haitian friends. It was fun to hear some of their reactions to the classes and even to see that they enjoyed the time. We are so grateful that this team chose to serve with us for a week here in Haiti and hope they will return to do even more.

Preparing crafts for lessons in the primary grades

CDS aquaponics project

CDS students enjoy classes with their Haitian counterparts

CDS in the classroom

Angelise has worked with Mission of Hope for the past thirteen years. She held several positions in the school and now oversees the care of our visitors at the missionary compound. She’s a good cook, a hospitable person and a tough boss to work for. We are hoping that she will be able to learn how to drive the three-wheeler so that she can come and go to the open market as she pleases.

Will Angelise learn how to drive the three-wheeler?!!!

Leah was not feeling well toward the end of the week. She’s so dedicated to her patients and just had the hardest time to tell people to come back next week. She saw many of them and then we asked our friends at Be Like Brit to lend us the amazing duo visiting them. Dr. Greg and Amalia Ciottone came down the mountain to MOHI and finished up seeing the rest of the patients so that Leah could head home for some rest. (It’s pretty cool to see God’s provision in so many details in our lives!) Tammy did lots of mothering and Angelise made some “ji sitwon” (key lime juice) which does an amazing job at getting rid of tummy issues. Praise God Leah’s feeling better. She was able to attend church services and take part in the beginning of our new book club.

Mother and daughter?

Starting to feel better

Our computer club expanded last month. It’s amazing to see so many little ones now pecking away on their XO laptops. We remain grateful to our friends at Child in Hand and Unleashed Kids for all their support in this program!

This week I spent a moment with our sixth graders. They were talking about wanting a library. I shared some of our plans with them. It was really cool to explain to them what the Kindle Readers are, how many books they hold and to let them see and read from one. We are all so looking forward to the new library. We ARE still looking for a carpet layer. PLEASE share this need with your family, friends and associates. I trust God has someone ready to come install this beautiful new carpet for us, so we can get the library open earlier rather than later.

Checking out a Kindle Reader

Our service in Thozin this morning was extra special to me. One of the most influential men in Lex’s life spent a couple of nights with us and was able to preach at church this morning. Pastor Revenais took great interest in Lex during his teen years and it was he who baptized Lex, at the age of 15. I love to hear him preach. The way he communicates might not go over well in an American church, but he communicates with the Haitians as no other I’ve heard. He gets right into the heart of the matter with stories about the things that are discussed in their homes and in the market place. He shares stories about incredible conversions and God’s amazing grace seen in their lives. I also appreciate the role he has filled in our lives over the past 14 years as counselor and friend.

church in Thozin this morning, with Lex’s pastor, Jean Francois Revenais

Our missionary friends from the Hands and Feet Project are a vital part of the church in Thozin

LOVE the kiddies…and the tee shirt in the middle pic!

Our English service tonight was amazing, as well. Angie and Alexis led the congregation in praise and worship in two languages, English and Kreyol. Pastor Kevin shared a high-tech message – meaning he used the projector and played a song, too. He encouraged us that no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, we know that God has prepared a way for us to make it through.

Alexis and I will be spending this week in Tulsa, OK. Alexis will be touring ORU and taking her SAT before we head back to Haiti. We covet your prayers. Thank you.

Here are a few more pictures of some of the activities from the week.

Tiles in the classrooms and hall

Cleaning up from the flooding

Repairing power tools

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