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All Is Well – Haiti and America

I love that my family can be in the States and everything at MOHI in Haiti is still moving along just fine!!! Lex has been in close contact with our lead staff in Haiti and I have been in touch with Leah. What a joy to hear so many good reports.

Leah continues to hold medical clinics at both the Thozin and St. Etienne campuses. She shared some pictures with me this week. Of course she thoroughly enjoys the privilege of caring for so many little ones. Although she does seem partial to the babies, the reality is that she’s partial to all of her patients. She brightens when her eye catches one of her elderly patients heading her way and she spends so much time and energy on figuring out the best ways to help them to feel better. They appreciate her so much, too!

National exam results for our 6th grade classes came back this week. 37 of our 39 students in Thozin passed and 8 of our 9 students in St. Etienne. We are so proud of these kids!!! Their teachers and parents deserve a lot of credit, too. I know the teachers worked hard with them and we are very pleased.

Our church soccer team has been playing well, winning our last two games.

MOHI’s church soccer team

As you know, our family flew to the States last weekend. We have been enjoying meeting up with many friends, family and supporters since our arrival. We were all very eager to meet Gama and Angela’s new baby girl, Nyah Renee Parayson. She’s just perfect! I was thrilled to take her for a little while so that her mommy could take a quick nap. I’m in LOVE!

We’re in LOVE!

I was so glad to have the opportunity to meet up with some old friends from the church I attended back in the 80s, Juanita, Leslie and Bev. Juanita has been living back in Puerto Rico for many years now, so it was extra special to be able to see her again. It was fun to see Leslie, to hear about her family and the ministry to Haitians living in the Dominican Republic, which she has been involved with for many years. I usually see Bev each year, as she has very much been a mother figure in my life since I was 18 years old. Her daughter Patty and I were roommates and her son Scott (who is known at MOHI in Haiti as my brother!) is the founder of Mission E4, whom we house teams for several times a year.

A precious reunion with Bev, Leslie and Juanita

This morning we drove to the Clifton Lutheran Church in Marblehead, MA to share with the congregation about the work that they have been doing in Haiti. A team from this church was with us just a couple of weeks ago, building a home, teaching sewing and painting a mural. It was great to see them all again, and to encourage the church in their generosity to the poor.

Clifton Lutheran Church, Marblehead, MA

Stefanie, who led the sewing classes a couple of weeks ago, was so touched when the team presented her with a special gift from Haiti.

Stefanie receives a gift from her team – a Haitian woman at a sewing machine

After church we went on a little tour of Marblehead with Ross, Scott, Nora, and Hannah – all friends who had visited us in Haiti recently. It is indeed a beautiful area, right along the ocean. Downtown are houses dating back as far as the 1600s! Along the shore are many beautiful homes and mansions. We enjoyed climbing the rocks along the shore and looking out at the many sailboats and water birds. Ross did some math and told us that we could build homes for 2,8000 Haitians for the amount of money it costs to build one of these homes. $5,000 for a two room house goes a long way!

Some of the beautiful homes in Marblehead, MA

Here we are, enjoying the views… Well, we were actually posing for pictures, but we DID enjoy the view, too!

We love to share with people about the work happening in Haiti through Mission of Hope International. If you would like to schedule us to speak with your church, youth group, business associates or family members while we are Stateside, please contact me asap at or click here and we can look for a time to connect.

Thank you all for your support in every way. We are very aware that we just couldn’t do what we’re doing if it weren’t for all of you who are supporting us. Thank you!!!

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