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Haiti and Akron

School is in full swing in Grand-Goâve and St Etienne. Thanks to many generous donors, we have been able to give clothing, shoes, back packs and other items to many of our students, as well as providing a great education for them.


Primary School

We are so proud of Leah. She has been the lone missionary at MOHI in Haiti for the past month and a half. She has kept the clinic going strong, while also keeping an eye on general operations, letting us know if anything seems off. Between her and our staff, we are on track!

Leah in Action

Lex, AJay and I have been in Akron most of this past week. It’s been such an incredible time. Our friends at Mission USA and The Chapel have welcomed us so generously. Steve and Cindy Brown moved out for most of the week, leaving us to enjoy their beautiful home on the lake, where we enjoyed a little bit of boating and fishing. Fred and Sandy Muffet arranged a picnic Meet and Greet for us, where we were able to touch base with so many friends, supporters and Haiti volunteers. We had a wonderful time at The Chapel this morning and we enjoyed the opportunity to share with the Prime Time group about the work we are all accomplishing in Haiti. They have been such a huge support with the buses and supplies that they helped send to us in Haiti.

Akron Pleasures

We so enjoyed seeing Roger and Linda Putnam again. Their son, Josh, was one of the first visitors we had in Haiti from Akron. They opened their home to us for our first trip to the area. What a blessing they have been to us.

Roger & Linda Putnam, Jason Ball

Perhaps the favorite part of our time in Akron, was when we joined Mission USA at their outreach night. They pull into a low-income housing project, cook and serve burgers and hot dogs for mostly moms and their kids. They hold activities, such as musical chairs and soccer, celebrate birthdays (with cake, ice cream and singing), minister individually and hold a Bible study for the moms. I so enjoyed interacting with the kids and encouraging one of the moms as she explained the difficulties she is facing. Lex and I are so blessed to see the wonderful ministry that Mission USA is engaged in here in Akron, as well as what we had already seen and experienced in Haiti.

Mission USA outreach

Tomorrow we will be on the road again, beginning our trek south. While we are traveling, the mission in Haiti is fully operating. We thank God for His guidance and wisdom for all who are impacting the lives of the children of Haiti. Thank you for your continued prayers!

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