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Fledgling Democracy

It’s been 30 years since the Duvalier regime was cast out of Haiti. History records those years as very brutal, where tens of thousands of Haitians were slaughtered by the regime. If recorded accurately (I have no reason to think otherwise), it was a very sad season, indeed.

Since that time, democracy has been trying to take hold. It’s been a rough path. Today was to be the inauguration of a new president. Unfortunately, President Martelly stepped down without an immediate replacement. There is a transitional plan in affect and we are praying that things go as they should. Would you join your prayers with ours for this beloved country?

In the meantime life goes on at MOHI. Our students had a good week of school and the clinic staff attended to many who were ill.

We also held another outreach. This time we helped out an area called Tomb Gateau. I’m always so thrilled about these events, especially when it’s 100% Haitians reaching out. Our team experiences such joy and a sense of fulfillment. This time, Dr. Emmanuel invited a colleague of his, Dr. Michel, to be a part of the mobile clinic in Tomb Gateau, too. This thrills me that others are wanting to be a part of helping their brothers and sisters in need. We are so grateful to all of you who are supporting MOHI so that we can continue to reach out. Thank you.

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