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Special Request

Happy Easter to all our MOHI friends! This is the day we set apart to consider the resurrection of Christ and what that means to us. I know to me, it means everything!

​Our students all enjoyed time off for the holiday this past week. Amy took advantage of the calm and quiet and undertook a painting project, spicing up one of the murals in the school hallway. Don’t you love the mangoes?!!!

Although our students were not on campus, the medical clinic was still in full swing for members of our community. We so appreciate Dr. Emmanuel’s dedication to his patients and the way he leads his staff.

There are a couple of needs that I would like to present to you. I ask that you would pray about them, do whatever the Lord puts on your heart to do, but also to share these needs with others.

The well at the Thozin campus was affected by the earthquake six years ago. Little by little the water level has been diminishing. We’re getting to the point now where we are having trouble keeping up with the demand for water. We are in need of an additional $2,000 to drill a new well. Please consider helping us reach this goal over the next few weeks. Thank you.

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Mission of Hope International in Haiti is capable of running with an all Haitian staff. However, missionaries add another dimension to what is happening here. Missionaries train local people to not just perform tasks, but to look at things in a different light. And, of course, the local staff teach missionaries to see things differently, too. This mission’s impact is so much greater than anything Lex and I could ever do on our own. Each of our supporters help us to be here training others and establishing the vision. We miss the support of our children, Alexis and AJay, who did so much to help with teams and working with our students, but we see the Lord is calling others to come alongside in this work, too.

Amy Long, from Jacksonville, FL, has been with us in Haiti for almost 6 months now. She is working with our preschool teachers and students regularly, as well as hosting short-term teams coming in to serve.

Angie Shepherd, a physician’s assistant from Charlotte, NC, will be joining us in May to oversee all of the medical ministry taking place through MOHI.

Alicia D’Olimpio, a preschool teacher from West Newbury, MA, will be joining us in August to teach English speaking missionary children in our area.

Each of these missionaries are filling a vital role here at MOHI in Haiti. We have another vital role that needs filling now.

We are looking for someone feeling called to be a full time missionary to come to Haiti as our project and maintenance director. While we would love to have someone who is particularly handy, it is not a requirement for this position. This person needs to be self-motivated and able to work independently without direct supervision. He/she will be responsible for making sure materials and workers are in place for projects, creating schedules, communicating between department heads and missionaries, providing regular reports and photos of the different projects and tasks being performed under his/her supervision. This includes supervision of ongoing projects such as aquaponics, agriculture, vocational training, library and computer clubs, etc. This position can be filled by an individual, a family, or maybe a retired couple. Maybe this is for you. Maybe it is for someone else. Would you please share this with your friends, family, and associates by word of mouth and social media? This would be a great help to us. Thank you!

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