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US to Haiti

Hi Everyone!!! I just arrived back to the MOHI Missionary Compound in Haiti, as the sun is going down. I had a good stay in Massachusetts, tending to my "mother of the bride" responsibilities, meeting up with some of you, attending the Light of Hope Rehearsal, and TOTALLY getting blown away by the Superbowl. What was THAT?!!! Wow!

I met up with Lex in Charlotte on Tuesday - just as a big storm started in Boston. We had several different meetings with our friends and partners at Bless Back Worldwide. They were so gracious to us with delicious meals and a MORE than comfortable bedroom suite to stay in.

We especially enjoyed our time dreaming, brainstorming, and planning how we can continue to bring healthcare to our students and neighbors, and where we go from here to continue improving on what we do. We are so blessed with Angie Shepherd, PA directing the clinic with Gardith, Dr. Emmanuel, Nurse Ruth, and Wadson. They have done a great job bringing the clinic this far.

Dr. Emmanuel was also in Charlotte. Bless Back Worldwide set up a rotation for him with several of their doctors. He was really having an eye-opening experience, working in hospitals, private practices, a clinic, and meeting, meeting, meeting people. We're so grateful for the investment that Bless Back makes in our medical staff!

After Charlotte we were on to Jacksonville for some more meetings and some wonderful time of fellowship with our dear friends, Peter and Esther Plastridge. They are visionaries - always looking beyond. We love dreaming with them. We enjoyed having dinner and fellowship with our somewhat new friends, Pastor Ronny and Ruth Thomason, too. Even in fun and laughter, iron still sharpens iron. The Lord reminded us of His goodness, encouraged us, and inspired us during this time.

After Jacksonville met up with our dear friends, Bob and Sally Heier. They are among the wise advisors we look to who help to keep us on track - or at least warn us when something from left field is heading our way. I know Jesus said He would never leave me nor forsake me - I just didn't realize He intended to be present with me at times in the form of my brothers and sisters in HIM.

We ended our time in the US in West Palm Beach with some new friends taking us out to dinner and offering to add some new sound equipment to the church in Thozin. Praise the Lord! We also enjoyed a couple of hours with family. I always love seeing my "grandbabies" who are actually the kids of nieces, nephews, and cousins. Still, I thoroughly enjoy them.

As you can see, I had a very busy week. I'm so glad that Angie, Alicia, Holger, Sigrun and our entire staff here in Haiti are able to keep things going. The ministry doesn't stop abruptly because we are away. They will be catching me up soon, but I can tell you, there were no snow days at the MOHI schools. Our students were ministered to all week, spirit, soul, and body. They are eating heartily, receiving necessary healthcare, a quality education, prayer, preaching, and teaching. Tomorrow is looking brighter and brighter for them!

Thank you to each one who has been praying for us and donating to this mission. What would fall apart 17 years ago if we left is continuing with forward momentum - even in our absence. Yes, God is good!

Absolutely NO pictures tonight. I'm sorry. I'm going to go catch up with the missionaries now. YES!!! Love to you all!

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