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Not Our Plan

This week did not follow our plans at all! After telling you how grateful we were for our school managing to function, despite problems throughout the country, Monday brought a different picture for the week. (Mondays in Haiti tend to set the tone for the week.) As a consequence, I only have a few pictures to share with you.

Five students arrived for school on Monday along with localteaching staff. Everyone from outside the city of Grand-Goave, including medical staff, could not make it from point A to point B, due to roads being blocked. There were a lot of threats spread over the weekend to discourage parents from sending their children to school. I don't blame them, as children are our most precious commodity. Would I have sent my children to school under the circumstances? Unlikely.

(Above) Beatrice works on dusting the computer lab.

We were compelled to cancel school for the week. We asked Dr. Holland, who was off to a great start coordinating and teaching in the school, to take an earlier than planned trip back to the US. Although we believe she was in a safe location in Haiti, it didn't make sense for her to sit home waiting for the problems to end and school to begin again.

This past week was once again marked by rioting, road blocks, fuel shortages, closed businesses - including banks and hospitals - and general uncertainty.

My heart hurts for the people of Haiti and the amount of suffering they are dealing with right now. If I were to trust only in my physical senses and intellectual logic, I would feel forlorn - hopeless. And I do struggle with trying to reason about the current situation. What's the answer? Honestly, I cannot fathom an answer. When leaders refuse to sit down and negotiate, wanting only to force change in a constitutional democratic republic - how do you move forward? How do you escape the same cycle that has been in place for the better part of the past 33 years? None of the coup d'etats that have taken place have brought the solutions the Haitian people long for. Doing the same thing over and over again only brings about the same results. Right?

Thanks be to God that in Christ we can see beyond our physical senses and intellectual logic! I am weak. I do not know how to fix Haiti. I do not know how to fix anyone! But I HAVE experienced the love of God and having experienced it, my outlook on life is no longer dictated by natural circumstances. I can confidently say, "Haiti, hope in God!" This is the only right way to live for all of us, but right now in Haiti there truly are no longer any other "logical" options.

Today I am asking you once again to pray for Haiti. Pray for peace, wisdom for those making important decisions, for people to come to a saving faith, for individuals to encounter the divine love of God.

The current circumstances in Haiti have had a harsh financial impact on the mission. We have had to cancel most visiting teams this year - leaving a hole in the funds available for paying salaries that would normally be covered by teams. We've been paying upwards of $12 - $15 for a partial gallon of gas (and a ridiculous amount of time spent by staff looking and waiting in lines for it) in order to keep electricity running for the clinics to function, computer classes, pumping drinking water, and general communications.

At the same time, people are hungrier than ever. Now is the time for us to be helping to stave off that hunger. Up until this week, we were still able to feed our students, staff, and clinic patients. This week, however, with school canceled and clinic attendance at an all time low, the suffering has increased. We are hopeful that Monday will bring calm and a return to some normalcy for our students. We are praying and waiting.

(Above) Very few people ventured out this week to seek needed medical care.

I trust the Lord will supply the need. I know that He usually uses people to do that. As such, I feel compelled to let you know about the current circumstances and ask that you consider helping to fill the gap with a special one time donation. Please be a part of the caring and loving the people of Haiti will experience through this mission. Thank you!

Lex and I are praying, not only for the people of Haiti, but for each of you who are touched by and/or partnering with us in this labor of love. Thank you for being moved with compassion today.

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