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Looking at the news concerning Haiti can be QUITE overwhelming. One fellow missionary (46 years in Haiti) posted yesterday, "I don’t see a light at the end of this dark tunnel. It is doubtful to me that the international community will be able to demand elections as these men control the gangs and will never allow security for elections..."

I will never cease praying for the country of Haiti and its leaders. HOWEVER, I will simply glance at the problems but fully GAZE at God!

In my gazing, I can see so many wonderful things HE is doing in the lives of our friends in Haiti. Each and every person whose life is touched has a story.

These little ones are finding a nutritious meal each weekday morning, despite the poverty that surrounds them.

Dozens of people come to the medical clinic at MOHI each day. Some days patients have to sit outside because the seating area is full. As many medical resources are drying up, this clinic is flourishing. We are so grateful for the mutually beneficial partnership the Lord brought about with MOHI and Bless Back Worldwide. HE knew how important this ministry would be in this difficult season and prepared us well for it.

Eveline recalls visiting the clinic about 2 months ago with a high fever. Pastor Bauvais was holding devotions and a time of prayer with the patients. Afterward, he approached her and said he felt like he'd been praying for her personally. Eveline agreed as she felt something "like a shadow" leaving her and the fever immediately fell. When the nurse called her, she no longer had a fever.

Nehissa lives far out in the mountains surrounding Grand-Goave. She woke up at 2:00 am to prepare to travel to the medical clinic at MOHI. She suffered from labor pains for 5 days before delivering the baby. She says that if it weren't for this clinic she would have lost the baby. That's why she continues to come to the clinic even though it is so far away. Her prayer: "May God help the leaders for the clinic to grow even more. Thank you."

Rosemène suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia which can cause all manner of health issues. She was able to find the help she needed this week at the clinic.

We are so grateful for our new medical lab facility where the lab tech, Asley, is able to focus and concentrate on helping the doctors to find solutions for our patients.

The medical clinic is a blessing to our students, too. Rosemitha cut the tip of her finger while cleaning fish at home. She was able to be treated right away without a financial burden on her family.

These young people are from very poor families who have sent them to the city for a "better" life. They are domestic servants in the homes of people who are not their parents. They have not had the opportunity to go to school and usually are not well fed. Restavek Freedom provides tutoring for them in the afternoons at the Christian Light School and we provide them with a hot meal each school day. The Lord is providing for them in the midst of their struggles.

The younger students in our school in Port-au-Prince are pretty excited about their upcoming Christmas program!

Sometimes we take for granted how blessed we are when we are gainfully employed. Thanks to your support and wonderful ideas from the Lord, hundreds of families in Port-au-Prince, Leogane, and Grand-Goave have their needs met because a family member has a full-time job with MOHI or one of our partner organizations. These women are cooking nutritious meals for our students and neighborhood babies in Port-au-Prince.

About 1200 children and youth went to school, received healthcare, and daily meals this week at MOHI.

There is a peace that passes understanding that is experienced by so many at MOHI - especially for the children. They are strong with the joy of the Lord!

Berlandie (left below) was so excited when this picture was snapped. Why? Because food had just arrived in her classroom! Thanicha (right below) is in her second year of preschool. She told us she LOVES Fridays because she can dress up and they have all sorts of fun outdoor activities.

The students at Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince have the privilege of being enrolled in Achieve 3000, which immensely helps their Eglish reading and comprehension skills.

The people of Grand-Goave are constantly telling us how grateful they are for the dental clinic at MOHI. Nelson came to the dental clinic with an abscessed tooth that was draining out on his face. He doesn't know what he would have done if it weren't for the dental clinic at MOHI.

Pencia was walking around, crying in the schoolyard. She had a toothache but was afraid to visit the dentist. A staff member comforted her and escorted her to the dental clinic where she was gently assisted by the dentist. Education and dental care often go hand in hand.

MOHI provides many services for the communities that we serve. Our first and most enduring work in both Thozin and St Etienne were church plants. Many MOHI students come to know Jesus at school and then grow at church. It was exciting to see the sixth-grade class from Thozin perform in the service this morning. The drummer and keyboardist are in the class, as well. They sang and played with great enthusiasm.

Below, Pastor Manyol leads the church in prayer.

There are so many personal stories of how MOHI and Christian Light School are impacting the lives of children, their families, and their communities. Each and every person is fully loved by the Lord. Christ died for each one, just as He gave His life for me. Each one is of great value to HIM.


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