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Times of Celebration

It was a week of celebrating at MOHI in Haiti. We're grateful for a staff that humbly works together to impact lives and glorify God!

Thursday was graduation day on the Thozin campus...

...for both the kindergarteners...

...and the high school senior class.

Friday the kindergarten class in St. Etienne had their ceremony.

The preschool/kindergarten teachers worked with their students throughout the year reciting poems, learning speeches, singing, and dancing in preparation for this special day. Their little personalities shone brightly!

The chapels were packed with students' families and friends. There was an abundance of laughter and cheering as these youngsters over-enunciated those rolling French Rrrrrs.

I can't even tell you how proud I am of our graduating senior class. They "wrote" their own program and it was full of so many touching moments. The opening prayer and scripture readings, the national anthem, the Christ-filled songs, clean fun, and the sense of comradery among them were all just amazing!


I'm so thankful for advances in technology! When I first arrived in Haiti, we didn't have cell phones or internet access. It made it very difficult to stay in touch with our supporters back home. Running a child sponsorship program was definitely more than we could manage. Today those limitations are gone. Whether I am in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, or the United States today, I can find a way to communicate. Email, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp all help to bring international ministry right into your home!

You can become a child sponsor for just $41 per month. Linda sponsored Rose Darline this week. (Thank you, Linda!) The monthly generosity of our child sponsors enable students like Rose Darline to receive a quality, Christ-centered education. Some of the benefits of being a student at MOHI include hot meals each school day and access to our medical and dental clinics. And of great importance, students are hearing about the goodness of God and seeing His grace lived out through the staff and caring church on campus. Many students respond to Christ's call right in their classrooms.

Djounie is excited to be going into 2nd grade after summer break is over. In the meantime, she plans to play nonstop! She loves jumping rope and playing with dolls. She's very fond of apples. It's too hot in most of Haiti for apple trees to survive and imported apples are expensive to buy, so having tasted an apple was definitely a treat for her.

I am so grateful for our partners at Bless Back Worldwide. They came alongside us when we had a tiny, inadequate clinic. They worked hard to create protocols, formularies, and a custom electronic medical records system. They have spent untold hours ordering medicines and supplies, teaching, training, and caring with our staff in Haiti. They pray and give with great generosity. Together we are providing critical and primary care for our students and neighbors.

A child's brain experiences the most growth from birth through 3 years of age. If a child is lacking in nutrients it will have a direct effect on brain development and can majorly stunt a child's overall development. By feeding babies, we are preparing our future students for success in school and life.

Michael had some fun with these cuties: "If you love Jesus, clap your hands..."

That was fun! I'm reminded of when Jesus appeared to Peter after He was resurrected. He asked Peter 3 times if he loved Him. When he responded affirmatively Jesus told him to care for His lambs/sheep. He is our Good Shepherd. We are the sheep of His flock. Jesus tells us to care for one another. After this, He told Peter, "Follow Me."

It's fun to watch children clap their hands to show they love Jesus. You and I show that we love Jesus by feeding and caring for others.

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