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University of Akron Team

We had a great week with our friends from the University of Akron. They brought us goodies – like a router and antennae so I can still work. The satellite that we’ve been using for the past thirteen years is being decommissioned, so we have been looking for an alternative. Fortunately, Pastor IT Kevin Groder is my neighbor and made some recommendations. I’m still working out the bugs, but the items the team brought down for me are a HUGE help!

University of Akron team

All of us loved working with this team, as they were very flexible, always cheerful … yes, I did say “always!” Every team member was such a blessing to all of us here. We are so grateful that they came. Some of the things they worked on this week included painting, entering medical records, transferring ebooks onto our Kindle Readers, helping in the medical clinic, assisting with the solar installation at the missionary compound, loving on kids, wood working and sorting clothes.

Work and fun often go hand in hand at MOHI!

Work on the school and clinic rooms continued this week, as well…

Junior assembling a desk.

This week we started laying tile in the administrative offices.

medical room cabinets are coming right along.

We now have sinks in the kitchen!

The life of all we do can be found in serving the Lord…

Make a joyful noise!

We have the most amazing kids in our schools…

The future is looking bright!

A little timid today, but great debaters tomorrow!

Have you ever seen such big eyes?!!!

Thank you for taking the time to check out what’s been happening this past week at MOHI. Please “like” our page on Facebook for regular updates. You can also follow us on Twitter @mission_of_hope. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!!!

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