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2023 Highlights

Sunday, December 31, 2023

As we bid farewell to another year, we look back on 2023 with gratitude to the LORD and each who has joined this journey with us. This past year has been marked by incredible milestones, impactful initiatives, and unwavering commitment to serving communities in Haiti, the Dominican Republic (DR), and even in the United States.

Haiti: Providing Hope and Empowerment

Container Arrival and Food Distribution: 

One of the defining moments of the year was the long-awaited arrival of a crucial container in Haiti. This delivery supplied essential supplies and addressed the urgent issue of food scarcity within our communities.

Vocational Training: 

MOHI initiated vocational training programs, including plumbing, electricity, computer basics, driving, and sewing courses, offering valuable skills to empower individuals for better livelihoods.

Healthcare Outreach: 

Despite challenges, the medical and dental clinics in Thozin conducted over 12,778 encounters, catering to 2572 unique patients and ensuring access to essential healthcare services. These numbers indicate that patients are now receiving their primary care at MOHI, fulfilling one of the primary objectives of our partnership with Bless Back Worldwide.

Education Empowerment: 

The launch of MOHI schools in Haiti witnessed exceptional dedication, with no missed days and commendable results in national exams. The emphasis on English in preschool classes and the celebration of monthly birthdays have added vibrancy and augmentation to the educational journey.

Community Support:

Touching lives directly, MOHI provided food and vitamins to 70 babies under three years old in Thozin and Saint Etienne, contributing significantly to their healthy growth and development, providing a jump-start to their ability to learn.

Church and Faith Building: 

The spiritual aspect saw growth as well, with 7 baptisms, 12 salvations, 2 weddings, and 2 ordinations being reported, nurturing a vibrant faith community in Grand-Goave and beyond.

Dominican Republic: Extending Care and Education

Medical Outreach: 

MOHI's mobile medical clinics reached three villages in the DR, ensuring access to healthcare services and education. Dental care for a seven-year-old girl in La Grúa highlighted the importance of these initiatives.

Education and Support: 

Efforts extended to education and holistic family support, with over 200 home visits, distributing necessities, conducting teaching sessions, and initiating programs like the Bless Back Business Academy, fostering local entrepreneurship.

Team Engagement: 

MOHI hosted 14 teams at the Mission House in Luperón. These devoted teams engaged in impactful projects, including constructing bunk beds, picnic tables, and a floor for the Haitian Baptist Church of Luperón, visiting homes of the marginalized, distributing food, and maintaining the Mission House. Among these endeavors, Marie's inspiring interior project radiated hope and care through thoughtful design. Their collective dedication brought tangible change and exemplified the transformative power of Christian love and service.

Community Engagement: 

There was a strong focus on the welfare of the community, as seen in the creation of a Community Healthcare Promoter and the assistance provided to the fire victims in La Grúa. The start of constructing a 12-unit facility to replace the destroyed shelters also brought hope to the affected individuals.

United States: Bridging Gaps and Providing Support

Local Outreach: 

MOHI's involvement with Haitian refugee families in Gardner, MA, became a significant ministry opportunity, facilitating various events, providing translation services, providing transportation to appointments, and assisting in legal matters.

Support and Fundraising: 

Local churches, organizations, and individuals in the US displayed remarkable solidarity, raising funds, collecting over 800 pounds of peanut butter for Haitian support, and securing over $30,000 through successful fundraising efforts. This united commitment showcased generosity while reinforcing MOHI's dedication to making a tangible difference.

Child Sponsorship: 

Last year, fourteen MOHI different friends/families based in the U.S. decided to support a child in Haiti, guaranteeing access to education, healthcare, and daily meals. This act profoundly impacts these children's lives now and right into the future.

As Mission of Hope International concludes this eventful year, the impact resonates not just in statistics but in transformed lives, empowered communities, and a legacy of hope. With gratitude for the past and determination for the future, we look forward to continuing, together with you, our mission of positively impacting lives: spirit, soul, and body.



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