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Hopeful Vision 2024

Sunday, January 7, 2024

Happy New Year, Friends!

I hope your first week of the year is off to an incredible start. As for me, I've been engaged in a whirlwind of activities since New Year's Day. Pastor Lex and I embarked on a journey to the Dominican Republic, and our days have been filled with nonstop action ever since.

The highlight of our recent days was the arrival of our home church family, greeted with enthusiastic embraces and smiles from little friends that warmed our hearts. With a promising week ahead, we're eagerly anticipating the ways in which the Lord will surpass even our best-laid plans.

This morning Pastor Dave Tralongo blessed the Baptist Church of Luperón (as well as the CCC team) with a Bible message filled with encouragement.

This year, Mission of Hope International (MOHI) sets its sights on an ambitious and inspiring vision for 2024. Guided by a deep-rooted commitment to service and transformation, here are some of the key initiatives MOHI is pursuing:

1. Reorganizing Leadership for Haiti's Future

With so many people fleeing the country, MOHI's leadership took a difficult hit. Nevertheless, our hope is securely planted in the LORD who provides. 2024 will see restructuring in leadership in order for the organization to position itself for a more impactful and sustainable future in Haiti.

2. Transformative Changes in Haiti

MOHI encourages all supporters to continue fervently praying for transformative changes within Haiti. With an eye on rejuvenation, MOHI is committed to resuming mission trips as soon as it is deemed safe to travel to Haiti while continuing to support initiatives in the country, fostering hope and progress.

3. Housing Construction in La Grúa

Continuing its efforts, MOHI is deeply involved in housing construction projects in La Grúa, aiming to improve living conditions and foster community development in the aftermath of a devastating fire that left 39 families homeless.

4. Haven of Hope Project in Puerto Plata

MOHI is actively working to raise funds for purchasing land in the Luperòn area of Puerto Plata to launch the Haven of Hope project. This envisioned haven aims to accommodate mission teams, provide retreats for ministers and their families, and host church gatherings, fostering spiritual growth and support.

5. Expansion of Thozin Clinic

The Thozin clinic expansion project, an integral component of the 2024 vision, is yet to commence. Once initiated, it aims to integrate overnight care services, greatly enhancing healthcare accessibility for the communities supported by MOHI.

6. Water Filtration Project in the Dominican Republic

MOHI aspires to broaden its reach by expanding water filtration services within the villages where the organization serves. There is a strong desire to intertwine this expansion with the vision of the business academy, envisioning a synergistic approach that not only provides clean water but also integrates business education and opportunities within these communities.

7. Leadership Conference

2024 will put plans in motion for a Leadership Conference tailored to empower local pastors, church leaders, and Christian business owners. This gathering is committed to nurturing spiritual growth, fostering unity, enhancing leadership qualities, and empowering individuals within the church community.

8. Construction Collaboration with Haitian Baptist Church

MOHI is committed to completing the construction project in collaboration with the Haitian Baptist Church of Luperón, fostering community bonds and infrastructure development.

9. Housing Improvement for Rose Marie

MOHI hopes to provide Rose Marie, a widow-mother of 13 children with three sets of twins and a set of toddler triplets, with a roof over her house. This effort aims to create a safer and more stable living environment for her and her large family.

10. Additional Baby Feedings

MOHI aims to expand its Baby Feeding Programs in Haiti, reaching more children in need and addressing malnutrition. Additionally, plans are underway to launch a similar program in the Dominican Republic, extending vital nourishment and care to vulnerable children in that region. These efforts reflect MOHI's commitment to supporting children's health and well-being across borders.

11. Host 20+ Hope Encounters

In 2024, MOHI's vision involves hosting over 20 Hope Encounter teams in Luperón, Dominican Republic. These teams are instrumental in providing essential aid and support to communities in need. By organizing these encounters, our goal is to offer practical assistance while establishing enduring connections that empower these communities for long-term progress. We envision these encounters as catalysts for significant and sustainable change, impacting numerous lives throughout the area.


As we look forward to this transformative year, we extend our deepest gratitude to every individual who has supported MOHI. Your prayers, financial contributions, donations of goods, and words of encouragement have been instrumental in driving our mission forward. Together, we stand as a beacon of hope in the darkness, dedicated to eternal impact and improving lives and communities.



Please consider supporting Mission of Hope International in its mission to bring positive change to communities in need. Your support can make a significant difference.



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