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Sunday, July 23, 2023

My story today is that I've been sick in bed for three days. This will be a short post. Would you pray for me? This story will have a good outcome.

Lex's story is that he has been watching three grandbabies all by himself since Friday morning. That's an impressive story.

Here's Sylvania's story.

Sylvania got up early to get to the MOHI clinic with her 7-year-old daughter Valetia, and her 80-year-old mom. She was very worried about Valetia's fever but had hope that Dr. Cadet, the experienced and compassionate doctor at the clinic, would have the answer to the problem.

Valtia took turns leaning against her mom and her grandma, feeling weak from the fever, while they waited to be seen. Sylvania spoke comforting words to her little girl. As Dr. Cadet got to work, she talked about the people she knew, including her husband, who had previously found relief and health after seeing Dr. Cadet at the MOHI clinic.

After a careful diagnosis, Doctor Cadet prescribed some medicine for Valetia and advised Syvania on how to make her daughter more comfortable at home. The relief on Syvania's face was evident, knowing that her daughter's health was in good hands.

And so, the enduring connection between Syvania, Valetia, and Doctor Cadet continued, weaving a beautiful story of trust, compassion, and a lifelong friendship forged through a shared journey of care and healing.

Lots of other things have been happening, but we'll have to wait until next week, LORD willing to hear about them and see pictures. Thank you for your prayers and support that continually add chapters to thousands of stories in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and even in your own story. Have a blessed day everyone.


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