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Troubled Waters

Sunday, September 17, 2023

I'll start this week by catching you up on a general situation that has been unfolding this week. Haiti has snuck into headline news once again. This time over a dispute with the Dominican Republic.

The Massacre River delineates a portion of the border between the two countries. The DR diverts water to farmlands with canals at 11 different points along the river, while Haiti has none. Before Haiti's president, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated, he had begun a canal project, but progress was interrupted, contractors were not paid, and the project was halted.

Recently, the community where the project is located began constructing the canal again. The president of the DR was strongly opposed and demanded they stop. The Haitian government, however, did not tell them to stop. On the contrary, they encouraged them, and they persisted in their efforts while going door to door to raise the necessary funds.

In response, the DR has now closed all land, air, and sea borders with Haiti. Sadly, the poor and middle class in both countries are suffering as mountains of produce, intended to be sold to Haitians in the border markets, sit rotting near the border - another economic crisis.

It's been quite a while since Lex has flown into Port-au-Prince, preferring to drive from the DR to Haiti and back again. I would say we have to move on to Plan B, but I'm pretty sure we've already completed the whole alphabet! In all seriousness, please pray with us concerning the border situation. We are fully persuaded to believe that God is good and we eagerly expect to see something good come out of this bad situation.

While Haiti is faced with more hunger, we are grateful that the LORD continues to provide for the students, babies, and staff at MOHI in Haiti! Hot, nutritious meals are being eaten in the classroom... well as in the yard in Thozin...

... and in St. Etienne.

We shared with you last week that families from Port-au-Prince are fleeing the city and many are arriving now in Grand-Goave. We asked you for sponsors for three children in one such family. We are grateful to God for moving on the heart of one of our wonderful partners to sponsor all three children. Thank you!!! The children are excited to go to school tomorrow!

As you know, the students look forward to chapel services at MOHI.

This past week, I was thrilled to see Egen sharing God's word with the students.

The library has a great atmosphere to encourage young writers.

Just like parents all over the world, the overwhelming majority of Haitian moms and dads LOVE their children soooooo much! You can see it in the gazes of these moms who brought their little ones to see the doctor at the clinic at MOHI.

We are so grateful for the LORD's provision for the medical and dental clinics. Our partners at Bless Back Worldwide have been so faithful in their support of all of the communities where MOHI works, in Haiti...

...And now in the Dominican Republic, where Nurse Marlouse is visiting three communities weekly. She is following up on patients with chronic illnesses and providing much-needed education to moms and young women.

Construction in La Grua continued this past week...

The work will pause this week as we look for and wait for more funding. We estimate that it will cost $23,000-$25,000 for the next phase of construction. Together, let's raise the roof and get some families into safe shelter. So many of you have been so generous. Can we continue sacrificing for these families? Please share with others the story of our friends in La Grua.

"Men anpil, chay pa lou!" - "muchas manos hacen trabajo liviano" - "Many hands make light work!"

The drought in Luperón took a brief respite as rain fell overnight a few days ago. Sadly, it really was a short break, not enough to turn the dusty mountains and hills green. We are grateful for our tiny watermelons that are trying to make it despite the lack of rain - and perhaps with a little help from a watering can.

The LORD always provides!

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please remember our friends in La Grua who are still waiting for shelter.


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