I See Beauty

Have you heard it said, "Haiti is a land of contrasts"? God creates such beauty. Poverty tends to bring suffering and diminishes that beauty. Though Haiti's economy is terrible and its resources have been terribly depleted, it's beauty is still evident around us. Every day I see beauty in the children... I see beauty in the way people care for one another... I see beauty in the way people work so hard... I see beauty in the smiles... I see beauty in the ocean, the mountains, the islands, the plants, the fruit... I see beauty in the worship and fellowship of the Body of Christ... I see beauty in the friendships... And I see beauty in your heart of compassion for the people of Haiti - just

Jesus Changes Everything

Oh how my heart rejoices to be in Haiti! And how it misses my babies back home. How well I remember when we first came to Haiti. No internet. No cell phones. No landline in our dwelling. Our home church was a lifeline for me, emotionally. We would wait in line at the local telephone company to get a phone call from them - and pay more than we could afford for the privilege. Today, I can pick up my cell phone and talk with our staff at the school while I'm at the missionary compound preparing for a team's arrival. I can communicate with our friends in North America and Europe quickly via Facebook or a quick email. I even have a variety of ways to video chat or have voice calls with th

Big Salt Fish and such

Our days seem filled with meetings, hard physical labor, planning, and more planning with more and more people. Why? We are preparing for the mission's 20 year anniversary celebration. All of us at MOHI in Haiti are really, really excited to prepare a festival for our community - even though most of us don't really have any frame of reference for such an event. My pinterest boards are being used BIG time right now, as I endeavor to find games and activities that would be simple to do and that our community would find enjoyable. Growing up, I went to day camp every summer. We had arts and crafts class twice a week. I would do everything in my power to get out of having to go. So you can

Super Sunday

I understand there's going to be a big football game tonight. I had to Google "Super Bowl" to find out who's playing. I'm a New Englander through and through, so if the Patriots aren't playing and I'm in Haiti anyway - I'm out of the loop. However, for the sake of my friends in California and Kansas City, I will try to sneak a peak tonight. For me, the super bowl is a small part of this Super Sunday. Mostly it was super because of my time spent in fellowship with the Lord, my Haitian brothers and sisters, and our friends visiting Tree of Hope who joined us for lunch. It was raining this morning. People in Haiti react to rain similarly to the way New Englanders react to a major snow stor

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